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As you may have heard, Kylie Jenner turned 19 yesterday, and she celebrated as only she can.

Yes, by posting $200,000 bail for Tyga, but also by upholding her family’s tradition of marking every occasion with revealing selfies:

Kylie Jenner: Bathing Suit Cleavage

Yup. Those are Kylie’s boobs, in case you somehow forgot what they looked like.

She captioned the pic with a heart Emoji and a simple "19," presumably as a reminder that you can officially drop the "barely legal" designation from Kylie’s inevitable sex tape.

But if you thought Ms. Jenner would celebrate with one simple pic of her familiar cleavage, you don’t Kylizzle.

In her ongoing effort to ensure that – though she’s never technically posed nude – her average Instagram follower could accurately envision her nude form with the accuracy of a police sketch artist, Kylie also posted the requisite photo of her butt.

Kylie Jenner's Butt in a Bikini
Photo via Instagram

She captioned the photo:

"Thanks for all the birthday wishes. Best Birthday yet."

When you think about it the caption was pretty unnecessary, as we all know that a butt photo is the traditional Kardashian-Jenner clan means of offering thanks.

But by now, we all know to expect T&A pics on Kylie’s social media pages.

The real surprise in her latest crop of pics is the one that reveals Kylie and Captain Jack Sparrow might share a common dentist.

Kylie Jenner Gold Grill Photo
Photo via Instagram

Yes, that’s Kylie rockin’ a gold grill.

No, we have no idea why Kylie thought that was a good idea.

We’d guess that it was a gift from Tyga, but there’s that whole $200,000 bail thing.

We don’t think he doled out much in the way of extravagant presents for Kylie’s big 1-9.