Stars React to Zayn Malik's One Direction Departure

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Celebrities were taken aback to learn that Zayn Malik quit One Direction. We recount many of their reactions here.

1. Will Ferrell

Will Ferrell
If they're looking for, like, a 47-year-old addition - change it up - I'm ready.

2. Kevin Hart

What?!...It's hard for me to do a premiere with that type of news...Message to Zayn: why?!

3. Boy George

Someone's always gonna leave the band. Particularly in a boy band, you get that whole, ‘I'm Spartacus. I can have the best solo career.' Actually, everybody always said it would be Harry that would have left. The last two years I've been hearing, 'Harry's gonna leave.' Zayn pipped him to the post.

4. Keith Urban

That's an unusual world to grow up in, I would think. But at the end of the day, if you've got the goods like Justin Timberlake, you can go the distance.

5. Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez
I get it. Everybody's different and that's what you have to understand. I know a lot of people from the outside are looking and going, 'Why leave right now?' But we don't know what it is to walk in his shoes. Things comes to an end sometimes. From what I hear, they're going to keep on getting the great music and we'll see how it goes.

6. Billy Zane

Billy Zane
I woke up to a real spike in [my] awareness…this whole hashtag 'always in our hearts Zayn'…I had no idea all my fans were hysterical teenage girls. I don't want to be nitpicky, but just for the sake of record, it's Z-A-N-E, not Z-A-Y-N.

7. Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas
There's never an easy time to make a decision like that. I commend him for doing what he feels is right for him and you got to stay true to yourself.

8. Joshua Malina

Troubling to learn that Zayn Malik is leaving One Direction hot on the heels of the news that there's someone named Zayn Malik.

9. Jimmy Fallon

Be 22. #support4Zayn #iCanSingHisParts #seeyouguysontour? #donedeal?

10. Simon Cowell

Sometimes strength is not defined by numbers.

11. Billy Eichner

Billy Eichner
Just a little update guys: I'm currently at a secret location with Zayn. We're eating Nutella and watching Love Actually & WE'RE BOTH FINE!

12. Denny's

we are here for you, directioners, in your time of mourning; prepared to make you all the comfort food you need after this inzayn news.

13. Kumail Nanjiani

Kumail Nanjiani
I know we're depressed about that dude leaving 1 Direction but spare a thought for all those who never even got to be in 1 Direction at all.

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