Kim Kardashian Reveals What Kanye Paid Her $1 Million NOT to Do

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Before you make any inappropriate jokes in response to the headline above, allow us to say this up front:

No, Kanye West did not pay Kim Kardashian $1 million for sex.

That's weird and gross and just plain rude for you to even think.

But the rapper DID once hand over a check for this amount to his wife, with Kim explaining why to Ashley Graham on the podcast "Pretty Big Deal."

Scroll down to learn why you'll never, ever, EVER be able to relate to the life of a mega huge celebrity...

1. Kim Has 118 Million Instagram Followers

Kim Has 118 Million Instagram Followers
This is far more than just something to brag about. It's something to profit over, as companies across various industries offer someone such as Kim giant sums of money for promoting their product in a social media post.

2. All Celebrities Do It

All Celebrities Do It
We're not passing judgement at all here. Who in his or her right mind would NOT accept a six or seven-figure check for just posing with a cup or tea or something?

3. Six or Seven Figures?!?

Six or Seven Figures?!?
Yes. In fact, Kardashian told Graham that she was offered $1 million by an unnamed fashion company to simply share an ad on her Instagram page. That's it. One click, one million dollars.

4. What Was the Brand?

What Was the Brand?
Kim refused to name it, but said it was a "knock off [of] Yeezy" which is obviously the fashion brand owned by her husband. As such, Kanye took issue with the possibility of his wife shilling for a competitor.

5. Fair Enough, Right?

Fair Enough, Right?
It's not like Kim is scrambling for pennies in her sofa cusions to make ends meet anyway. She turned it down.

6. Fast Forward to Mother's Day...

Fast Forward to Mother's Day...
Kim received a very nice bouquet of flowers from Kanye and figured that was the extent of his present, she told Graham. But there was also an envelope and, well... you can see where this is going, right?

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