Kanye West Returns to Twitter, Appears to Shade Tristan Thompson

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Kanye West has broken his radio silence.

Or his social media silence, to be more exact.

The rapper signed off of Twitter in the spring of 2017, deleting all messages under his official handle and everything.

But then he signed back on about a year later and hinted strongly that he's:

  1. Aware Tristan Thompson has been cheating on Khloe Kardashian.
  2. Was always been on Team Lamar Odom anyway.

Also... if he getting a neck tattoo?!?

Scroll down for a look at the 10 Tweets Kanye sent out to make his Twitter return on 4/13/18:

1. Did Thompson's Actions Inspired Kanye's Resurrection?

Did Thompson's Actions Inspired Kanye's Resurrection?
As you must know by now, Thompson has been busted as a multiple-time liar and cheater, almost definitely stepping out on Khloe numerous times throughout her pregnancy.

2. What Does This Have to Do with Kanye?

That's a fair question. One would assume he doesn't read many celebrity gossip sites, but it appears West is aware of what his quasi brother-in-law has been up to.

3. This is How We Know:

This is How We Know:
West randomly posted this photo of himself and Lamar, along with the caption: "my favorite moment of walking into MSG to play Saint Pablo, I used to go to the hospital and play Lamar the album when he was learning to walk and talk again. Then we walked into the arena together."

4. Random, Right?

Or maybe not. Everyone adores Lamar. Nearly all family members wish his marriage had worked out to Khloe and that he had not fallen so hard off the wagon.

5. What Else Did Kanye Tweet About?

What Else Did Kanye Tweet About?
Good question! This was the very first Tweet West shared upon his return.

6. Caption This, Kanye Asks...

Caption This, Kanye Asks...
Darn. We got nothing. But we're not surprised Kanye isn't smiling in this very old, and hilarious, photo.

7. A Deep Thought

A Deep Thought
We're guesree?sing Kanye would place himself in that latter category. Do you agree?

8. It's All About Time and Friends for Kanye

It's All About Time and Friends for Kanye
Who knew?!? (Side note: Who, exactly, are Kanye's friends?!?)

9. A Fashion Statement

A Fashion Statement
Kanye does often use his Twitter feed to preview sneak models or other items from his fashion line. We hope he continues to do so.

10. Whoa There!

Whoa There!
Is Kanye about to get a neck tattoo? If so, he could do worse than the name of his child on his neck.

11. Whoa There, Take 2!

Whoa There, Take 2!
Or is he about to get a pair of neck tattoos?!? (Shouldn't it be three? What about Chicago?)

12. Giving Everyone the Boot

Giving Everyone the Boot
We have no real thoughts on this. They look nice... we guess.

13. And, to Close His Return...

And, to Close His Return...
... Kanye shared this boot photo. Maybe next he'll share a naked picture of his wife? A website can dream, can't it?

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