Kailyn Lowry to Jenelle Evans: Stop Talking S--t, DUDE!

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For years now, the feud between Jenelle Evans and Kailyn Lowry has been playing out in the public eye, much to the enjoyment of Teen Mom 2 viewers.

Kail and Jenelle don't get many chances to lock horns on screen, but thanks to social media and Kail's always-engrossing podcast, fans have enjoyed a front row seat to the drama.

The bad blood between these longtime rivals began boiling again this week thanks to some remarkably ignorant comments that David Eason made on Leah Messer's Instagram page.

Kailyn defended her friend; Jenelle defended her husband, and thankfully for those who appreciate the entertainment value of a good reality TV feud, it all went down on IG and Twitter:

1. Happier Times

Happier Times
Jenelle and Kailyn weren't always rivals, but at this point, their feud has been going on so long it's tough to remember a time when they actually seemed to like each other.

2. The Beef Begins

The Beef Begins
The clearest indication that Kail and Jenelle are not exactly besties came back in the summer of 2016 when Kailyn poked fun at the "mystery illness" that had supposedly ravaged Jenelle's health.

3. #KailBurn

“Can’t sleep. Call all the specialists in NYC, LA, Miami, etc. #mysteryillness call The Doctors tv show….” Lowry tweeted in response to Jenelle's appearance on The Doctors.

4. Level-Headed, As Always

Level-Headed, As Always
As a reply to that pretty mild joke, Jenelle decided to dox Kail by tweeting her cell phone number. From that point forward, there's been no love lost between these two.

5. Back and Forth Shade

Back and Forth Shade
In the months that followed, Kail and Jenelle both engaged in occasional subtle shade-throwing, but not surprisingly, it wasn't long before Evans took things to the next level by once again using social media to undermine Lowry's privacy.

6. Going Too Far

Going Too Far
Jenelle basically went nuclear when she announced Kailyn's third pregnancy to her millions of followers before Lowry was willing to go public with the news. And it certainly wasn't the last time she went prying into Kail's personal life.

7. Javi on the Hot Seat

Javi on the Hot Seat
Last summer, Jenelle threatened to leak a sex tape that allegedly starred Kailyn's ex-husband, Javi Marroquin. It seems Evans' intention was simply to once again leave Lowry feeling exposed and vulnerable.

8. Relentless

And if you thought she would let up there, you don't know Jenelle. Following an incident in which David Eason drunkenly stabbed a bunch of balloons with a knife at an MTV event, Kailyn and Leah quite understandably stated that they would like to keep their kids away from David going forward. Predictably, Jenelle lost it...

9. The Wrath of Evans

The Wrath of Evans
"My name or my husbands should never come of if your mouth, but for a podcast and ratings?! Of course. #Fake," Jenelle tweeted.

10. Going Legal

Going Legal
Around this same time, Jenelle had her attorneys send cease and desist letters to Kail, Leah, and the rest of the cast in an attempt to force them to stop talking about Evans publicly. We're guessing the irony of that move was lost on poor Jenelle.

11. Bit of a Double Standard?

Bit of a Double Standard?
And we guess David Eason didn't get the memo about his wife's desire to refrain from engaging in public beefs, because he randomly picked a pointless fight with Leah this week.

12. An Opinion No One Asked For

An Opinion No One Asked For
Leah posted this photo on Instagram, and for reasons that defy explanation, David decided to sound off about her daughter's appearance.

13. Dave Shade

Dave Shade
Eason posted a comment on Leah's pic, criticizing her for allowing her daughter to wear what he considers an excessive amount of makeup. Many fans pointed out that Leah's daughter was competing in a cheerleading competition, and literally no one cares what David Eason thinks.

14. Leah Claps Back

Leah Claps Back
Leah responded quite reasonably by wondering why in the hell David bothered to comment on her pic. Naturally, Jenelle responded like a psychopath and posted a lengthy, trash-talking Instagram story.

15. Attack Dog

Attack Dog
Jenelle went off on Leah for talking "pure sh-t" on Kailyn's podcast. She went on to encourage Messer to delete Eason from Instagram so that she "won't have to see his comments."

16. A Veiled Threat

A Veiled Threat
Evans even went so far as to tell Messer that "people are gonna remember" her recent comments, a remark that many fans interpreted as a threat.

17. Entering the Fray

Entering the Fray
It didn't take long for Kailyn to get involved. This morning, she took to Twitter and fired a shot at Jenelle that apparently left her rival speechless.

18. Why So Quiet?

Why So Quiet?
Fans have been openly wondering why Jenelle has thus far failed to respond to Kailyn's tweet, and one theory has emerged as the front-runner.

19. Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty
Jenelle tends to sleep into the afternoon, so we shouldn't count her out of this fight just yet. But at the close of business today, we're declaring Kailyn the winner.

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