Mackenzie Standifer: Is She FINALLY Divorcing Ryan Edwards?!

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Just last summer, Ryan Edwards and Mackenzie Standifer got married in one of the most depressng ceremonies ever captured on video.

It seemed like the couple was starting at rock bottom, but remarkably, it's been all downhill ever since.

In the past month, Ryan has been arrested; he's been accused of making violent threats, and he's been caught cheating on Mackenzie.

Through it all, he and Standifer have kept up appearances, but it now looks as though they're on the verge of self-destruction.

1. The Troubled Couple

The Troubled Couple
Ryan and Mackenzie were never exactly a match made in heaven. In fact, their marriage seemed doomed from the start.

2. A Terrifying Ride

A Terrifying Ride
On the ride to their wedding, Ryan was so high on heroin and Xanax that he lost consciousness while driving. He checked into rehab shortly after he and Mackenzie exchanged vows.

3. The Downward Spiral

The Downward Spiral
After he left treatment, their relationship seemed to slightly improve. In the months that followed, however, their situation has only gotten much, much worse.

4. A Growing Family

A Growing Family
Last month, Mackenzie revealed that she's pregnant with Ryan's baby. Unfortunately, the news came at a very dark time for Edwards.

5. A Major Rough Patch

A Major Rough Patch
News of the pregnancy came on the heels of reports that Ryan had been arrested and had been caught using Tinder to try and cheat on Mackenzie.

6. One Loyal Wife

One Loyal Wife
Remarkably, it originally looked as though Mackenzie intended to stick by Ryan's side despite some seriously troubling behavior. But now, it seems she's come to her senses...

7. An Off and On Romance

An Off and On Romance
It looks as though Edwards and Standifer have secretly called it quits several times. "Ryan and Mackenzie are off and on," a source tells Radar Online.

8. Worse Than It Seems

Worse Than It Seems
"Things are way worse than they seem," the insider continues. "Neither one of them can stand each other."

9. So Why Stick Around?

So Why Stick Around?
Obviously that's saying a lot, as the situation between Ryan and Mackenzie seems very, very bad. So if it's even worse than it looks - does that mean Mackenzie will finally realize it's time to leave?

10. Failure to Depart?

Failure to Depart?
It seems Mackenzie has attempted to end her marriage on multiple occasions. But she keeps coming back for one reason - and no, it's not because she's madly in love with Ryan.

11. More Money, More Problems

More Money, More Problems
"She just sticks around for the paycheck," one insider claims. Frankly, we don't blame her.

12. Prudent Planning

Prudent Planning
Yes, with a baby on the way in October, Mackenzie quite understandably has her financial future on her mind. No one knows exactly how much she makes from her appearances on Teen Mom OG, but her annual earnings are rumored to be in the low six-figure range.

13. Too Great a Risk?

Too Great a Risk?
Unfortunately, Mackenzie might be endangering her unborn child by sticking around, as Ryan has reportedly been exhibiting erratic and troubling behavior as of late.

14. No Real Recovery

No Real Recovery
A large part of the problem, it seems, is the fact that Ryan checked into rehab last year but returned to drinking and abusing substances within a few weeks of leaving treatment.

15. Way Off the Wagon

Way Off the Wagon
Sources say Ryan's recovery has all been a charade. "He's far from sober," says a source familiar with the situation.

16. A Concerned Family

A Concerned Family
Insiders say Mackenzie's family is deeply worried about her well-being, and her parents have repeatedly encouraged her to divorce Ryan. But they fear getting too deeply involved for one important reason...

17. Holding Hudson Over Their Heads

Holding Hudson Over Their Heads
Mackenzie's mother has reportedly considered holding an intervention, but is afraid to do so for fear of never seeing her grandson again. "[Mackenzie] has threatened to take Hudson away from her," the insider says.

18. So What Comes Next?

So What Comes Next?
Mackenzie is set to welcome her second son, Jagger, on October 16. Her family and friends are hoping that she'll leave Ryan shortly thereafter, and they may receive some help from Teen Mom OG producers.

19. A Major Promotion?

A Major Promotion?
There's been talk of making Mackenzie one of the show's principal cast members. The move would undoubtedly give her the financial stability necessary to distance herself from Ryan. Unfortunately for Mackenzie and her family, TMOG bosses have not yet reached a decision about who will replace Farrah Abraham.

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