Kailyn Lowry Puts One Baby Daddy on Blast

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Kailyn Lowry would love to fall madly and deeply in love again.

She would even love to have another child at some point in the future.

But the veteran Teen Mom star knows that neither of these developments is guaranteed.

She actually doubts either are very likely, considering all she's been through with three different men.

In the interview below, conducted between Kailyn and Us Weekly, Lowry delves into detail about all of her baby daddies; reveals which she would want to procreate with again; and peers into what she fears could be a lonely future.

See what she has to say now...

1. Three Men. Three Kids. Quite a History.

Three Men. Three Kids. Quite a History.
Lowry, as many readers likely know, has three kids by three different men. No judgment here or anything; we're just bringing everyone up to speed on where she is coming from with her following quotes.


There is eight-year old Isaac, who Kailyn welcomed alongside ex-boyfriend Jo Rivera before those two split up many years back.


There is four-year old Lincoln. His dad is Kailyn's former husband Javi Marroquin, who was married to the MTV star for about four years prior to a rather ugly divorce.


There is one-year old Lux, yet another boy, this one she gave birth to after a brief relationship with Chris Lopez. He remains a part of both Kailyn and his son's lives.

5. How Does She Feel About Each Ex Now?

How Does She Feel About Each Ex Now?
Lowry has never been shy about discussing the mistakes she made over the years. In this interview, she touched on each past lover, saying of Jo for instance: "I don’t talk to Jo much about it because we don’t really get into it with each other regarding business ventures."

6. But They are Clearly on Decent Terms

But They are Clearly on Decent Terms
Look here. It's a photo of Kailyn, Isaac and Rivera at the latter's wedding to Heather Vee in September of 2018.

7. Okay. What About Chris Lopez?

Okay. What About Chris Lopez?
"Chris has been super supportive even though there are less than favorable things in there about him and I really respect that about him," Lowry said of baby daddy number-three.

8. It's True!

It's True!
"Grab a copy of A Letter of Love if you haven’t, I tried to act like I didn’t want to read it...but I did lol," Lopez Tweeted about Kailyn's new book, adding: "And even though it’s things about me I may not agree with, overall proud of her! [I don't know] [about] y’all but I don’t know many people that have 4 published books lol."

9. What Sort of Stuff Did Lowry Write About Lopez?

What Sort of Stuff Did Lowry Write About Lopez?
Some scathing stuff, that's for sure. Here's an excerpt: "I’ve had my bedroom window broken while the baby was asleep with me in the room. My back door had been broken while all of my kids were at home, and I’ve had sh-t about me told to my children... I don’t care if the baby is six weeks or six years old, a dad should not talk down about the mother of his child."

10. Ouch. What About Marroquin?

Ouch. What About Marroquin?
Javi and Kailyn's romance was chronciled for years on Teen Mom 2. It didn't end well and the two continue to go back and forth with each other; one day they are on great terms; the next day, they are at each other's throats.

11. What Does She Say About Him Here?

What Does She Say About Him Here?
"Javi had a surprising reaction to me. He acted like he had never heard me say that I knew I would regret the marriage or that we struggled. That was something we both have talked about and we were going to do a book on together."

12. This is Also True

This is Also True
Lowry writes in great detail in her memoir that she never should have married Javi, even adding at one point that she did so out of desperation.

13. Come On, Woman!

Come On, Woman!
Javi responded by threatening to sue Lowry in one Tweet and by just going off about her in other Tweets.

14. For Example:

For Example:

15. For Another Example:

For Another Example:

16. And For One More Example:

And For One More Example:

17. Will Kailyn Have More Kids?

Will Kailyn Have More Kids?
"Before I got pregnant with Lux and had multiple miscarriages, my doctor told me I should be thankful that I have two healthy boys and what’s meant to be will be," she tells Us. "I kind of have that perspective now. In my book [A Letter of Love], I said that Lux will probably be my last child."

18. But Does She Want More?

But Does She Want More?
Yes. Lowry has talked previously about using IVF if need be, but maybe doing so with one of her exes. "I would definitely have more, but I also know that my life isn’t really set up for another right now," she says here. "Ideally I would have liked Chris to be the father of my next child."

19. Will She Ever Date Again?

Will She Ever Date Again?
Kailyn is open to it, but it also aware that many men may think she carries too much baggage: “I don’t know if anyone will want to put up with my sh-t, past or present."

20. She'll Always Have Her Kids, However

She'll Always Have Her Kids, However
No matter what you think about the decisions she's made with men, they have caused her to welcome three beautiful kids into the world and Lowry is clearly dedicated to their well-being.

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