Duggars Hint at New, "Budding" Romance ... Who's Getting Married Next?!

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Monday night's episode of Counting On focused on the wedding of Josiah Duggar and Lauren Swanson.

But the newlyweds weren't the only ones enjoying the heady thrill of a budding romance.

Several members of the Counting On clan hinted at a "budding romance" taking place in the lead-up to Josiah and Lauren's big day, but they declined to go into detail.

Fortunately, we've uncovered the truth about who hit it off at the nuptials ... along with some other strange secrets about the latest Duggar wedding.

1. The Happy Couple

The Happy Couple
Josiah and Lauren were reportedly smitten from the moment they met, and anyone who watched Counting On last night could tell they were thrilled by the prospect of tying the knot.

2. The Newest Duggar

The Newest Duggar
Judging from their social media posts, Josiah and Lauren are both very much enjoying married life, but the wedding wasn't without its share of drama.

3. Kiss Anxiety

Kiss Anxiety
Neither Josiah nor Lauren had ever kissed anyone before their wedding day, so they were both understandably nervous ahead of the ceremony.

4. Hands-On Experience

Hands-On Experience
During last night's episode, Josiah admitted to practicing kissing on his own hand. When asked why, he stated that it's more effective than practicing on a tree. Can't argue with that!

5. Helpful Hints

Helpful Hints
The adults in Josiah and Lauren's life advised that if they "miss" they should just go back in and "try again." We think these people might be over-complicating the simple act of kissing a bit.

6. Without a Hitch

Without a Hitch
Fortunately, when it came time to seal the deal, Josiah and Lauren were able to execute the kiss rather seamlessly -- but as fans were quick to point out there was more than a little awkwardness in the gesture ...

7. Um ... "Daddy"?!

Um ... "Daddy"?!
“May I kiss her, Daddy?” That's the question that Josiah posed to his new father-in-law (who also officiated the ceremony) before he planted one on Lauren.

8. Oh, Those Duggars

Oh, Those Duggars
So that was more than a little weird, but we guess it was just a case of nervous jitters. Both parties opened up about their intense anticipation in the days leading up to the ceremony.

9. Smack Dab

Smack Dab
“This is the first day of my life I get to kiss a girl right smack dab on the lips,” Josiah told Counting On producers leading up to the wedding.

10. More Than a Peck

More Than a Peck
“I mean, it’s special. It really is a special moment for us, and I’ll try to make sure it’s not just a peck — I’ll make sure it’s good," Josiah added.

11. Lauren is Psyched

Lauren is Psyched
The bride-to-be was equally ecstatic, saying, “I finally get to kiss anytime I want to.”

12. A Wedding Mystery

A Wedding Mystery
Obviously, every guest in attendance was happy for Josiah and Lauren, but their vows were somewhat overshadowed by the mystery if who hit off romantically at the reception.

13. The Tradition Continues

The Tradition Continues
New romances beginning at Duggar weddings is something of a family tradition. Most recently, Josiah and Lauren hit it off while helping with preparations for Joseph Duggar and Kendra Caldwell's wedding.

14. Jessa Drops a Hint

Jessa Drops a Hint
“They always say weddings are a great place to meet people," Jessa Duggar said art one point, prompting Austin Forsyth to add, "So if you don't want to get married, don't come to a wedding!"

15. Cutting to the Chase

Cutting to the Chase
Joy-Anna Duggar was less vague about the latest Duggar development, stating flat-out, "I'm pretty sure there's going to be another relationship really soon."

16. Mystery Revealed

Mystery Revealed
So who is the mystery couple who's romance blossomed at Josiah and Lauren's wedding? Well, if you're a longtime Duggar fan, you probably won't be surprised.

17. John David and Abbie!

John David and Abbie!
Yes, it's John David and Abbie! While they actually met well before the wedding, sources say that the lovebirds decided to take their relationship to the next level against the romantic backdrop of the reception.

18. Joy-Anna Was Right!

Joy-Anna Was Right!
John David and Abbie are indeed headed for the altar next. The only question now is: who will find love at their wedding? Naturally, there's one Duggar every fan is rooting for ...

19. Jana's Turn?

Jana's Turn?
Duggar obsessives are hoping that Jana will follow in her twin's footsteps and finally get hitched. But judging from her attitude on the subject, that sounds Like a longshot.

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