Jenelle Evans to Nathan Griffith: You Will NEVER Take Kaiser From Me!

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Every time we think the custody battle between Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith has reached its ugliest point, it somehow gets worse.

And because these two insist on duking it out on Twitter, we know pretty much everything that's transpiring between them.

There was a time when it looked like Nathan would have no problem attaining full custody of son Kaiser, but these days Jenelle thinks she has the upper hand.

Check out the gallery below for our full breakdown of this contentious situation ...


1. Stuck In the Middle

Stuck In the Middle
Poor Kaiser is at the heart of an increasingly combative feud between his parents -- and it looks as though there's no end in sight.

2. Controversial Mom

Controversial Mom
Jenelle currently has primary physical custody of the boy, but she's making it very easy for Nathan to argue in court that she's an unfit parent.

3. A Change of Heart

A Change of Heart
For a long time, Nathan appeared to be accepting of the situation. But for the past year, with the help of his mother and girlfriend, he's been waging war against Jenelle.

4. The Fight For Kaiser

The Fight For Kaiser
Perhaps wisely, Nathan has made his battle against Jenelle very public, and he frequently posts updates on social media.

5. Full Transparency

Full Transparency
For one thing, he wants his custody battle to be fully documented. On top of that, he claims Jenelle has made it impossible for him to contact her through any means other than Twitter.

6. Jenelle Logic

Jenelle Logic
Why Jenelle would block her baby daddy's phone number, but not block him on Twitter is anyone's guess. Whatever the case, it's made for some amusing exchanges ...

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