Kailyn Lowry Poses Nude For Birthday, Gets Body-Shamed By Haters

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Kailyn Lowry turned 27 this week.

And obviously, with all she's accomplished in her career and on the family front, it's hard to believe that Kail is still several years shy of the big 3-0.

In addition to her role on Teen Mom 2, Kail has launched a successful podcast, released a popular hair care line, and written multiple bestsellers.

And she did it all while raising three children.

It makes sense that someone who has accomplished that much and built a massive audience while somehow maintaining an impressive figure might be eager to show that figure off to said evidence.

Kail did exactly that with a racy photo shoot on Thursday, but because this is the internet in 2019, the haters just had to hate.

Take a look:

1. Kail on Her Birthday

Kail on Her Birthday
Kail posed for some unexpectedly racy pics for her birthday. Most fans were blown away by the results.

2. Kailyn Lowry: Fully Nude

Kailyn Lowry: Fully Nude
Kail gave the phrase "birthday suit" new meaning when she completely stripped down for her big day.

3. Topless on Twitter

Topless on Twitter
Needless to say, Kail is looking great in all of the pics. She captioned the photo set simply, "27 & feelin’ myself."

4. Attack of the Trolls

Attack of the Trolls
Unfortunately, it wasn't long before the trolls came out of the woodwork to offer a dissenting opinion.

5. Two-Pronged Approach

Two-Pronged Approach
The responses to Kail's initial tweet featured an unusual combination of mom-shaming and body-shaming.

6. Future Problems

Future Problems
Like this tweet, in which the critic apparently believes Kail's kids will one be traumatized by these tasteful photos.

7. Y Tho?

Y Tho?
Some followers just wanted to understand the decision behind the pics. Fortunately, this woman was promptly answered.

8. No, Really ... Why?

No, Really ... Why?
Folks, it's the internet. No one has to give a justification for why they're naked.

9. Harsh

And then there were the folks who dished out backhanded compliments like this one.

10. Did You Have to Go There?

Did You Have to Go There?
This person is obviously more sincere, but still ... ya had to bring up her plastic surgery?

11. The Vocal Majority

The Vocal Majority
Fortunately, most of the followers who commented on the pics were fans of both Kail's body and her decision to take it all off.

12. A Fair Question

A Fair Question
These people had no questions about Kail's rationale. The only mystery for them was the level of hotness.

13. No Secrets

No Secrets
Kail isn't shy about the fact that she's had some work down, but she's also thoroughly committed to physical fitness.

14. Giving the People What They Want

Giving the People What They Want
To the delight of her fans, Kail is a frequent tweeter, so we know that despite her many obligations, she makes time for the gym on an almost-daily basis.

15. The Old-Fashioned Way

The Old-Fashioned Way
And we think it's safe to say most of what fans are responding to here is the result of hard work.

16. No Days Off

No Days Off
Speaking of hard work, Kail revealed this week that her Coffee Convos podcast has now been running for 70 weeks!

17. Motivated Pothead

Motivated Pothead
Add to that the fact that her Pothead Hair Care line has been flying off the shelves, and it's clear that her bed isn't the only thing Kail is rolling in these days.

18. What Lies Ahead

What Lies Ahead
It's anyone's guess what the future holds for this full-time hustler.

19. Just Getting Started

Just Getting Started
But we think it's safe to say 27 is likely to be a big year for the Teen Mom 2 fan favorite. Happy birthday, Kail!

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