Mama June: Still Partying With Violent Boyfriend After Arrest!

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Over the weekend, we reported on the surprising news that disgraced reality star June Shannon was arrested with crack cocaine.

Now, more details of the incident are pouring in, and from the way things sound, Mama June may have some serious legal headaches in her future.

Though police were called during a fight between June and her boyfriend of three years, Geno Doak, June was also taken into custody after police found drugs, paraphernalia and a large amount cash hidden in an ... intimate area.

To make things worse, June appears to have immediately re-welcomed Doak into her life.

Here's a brief recap of this incredibly bizarre situation:

1. Is June Doomed?

Is June Doomed?
Even though it was June's partner, Geno Doak, who was arrested for domestic violence, Shannon is in a fair bit of trouble in her own right.

2. Geno Trouble

Geno Trouble
According to TMZ, the trouble began in Alabama on Wednesday, when June and Geno became involved in a violent altercation at a gas station.

3. An Ugly Scene

An Ugly Scene
While police arrived on the scene in response to witness reports that Doak had assaulted Shannon, they ended up arresting both parties for felony possession of a controlled substance and drug paraphernalia.

4. Packing Pipe

Packing Pipe
Cops patted Doak down and found a syringe. When they searched June they found a glass pipe that appeared to have been used to smoke crack.

5. Probable Cause

Probable Cause
Police proceeded to search the vehicle, and June took the fall, telling the cops that everything they found belonged to her.

6. Yeah, That's Not Good

Yeah, That's Not Good
Inside June's SUV, cops discovered another needle, a pipe, and a powdery substance that Shannon admitted was cocaine.

7. Bra Bucks

Bra Bucks
Officers also discovered $1,340 hidden inside June's bra. We think it's safe to say they conducted a pretty thorough search.

8. Taking the Fall

Taking the Fall
According to a new report from TMZ, June's family believes she took the fall for Doak due to his previous criminal record, and none of the drugs or paraphernalia are actually hers.

9. Bad Influence

Bad Influence
According to these unidentified family members, Geno has been a "bad influence" on June from the very beginning of their three-year relationship.

10. How Far Has She Gone?

How Far Has She Gone?
Apparently, they do not believe that June has followed Geno down the hard drug path, but they do believe she's brainwashed enough to do time for him.

11. Let Loose

Let Loose
June has not yet made an official statement, but we know that she's been released from jail.

12. The Fallout

The Fallout
Shannon was spotted trying to get her car out of impound over the weekend.

13. Bad Sign

Bad Sign
June was reportedly behaving erratically at the impound lot and became visibly upset with at least one employee.

14. An Even Worse Sign?

An Even Worse Sign?
Shockingly, despite everything that's going on, June was spotted out partying with Geno on Saturday.

15. Flip-Flopping

Witnesses say she and Doak were at a casino together on Saturday, and it looked to all present as though they didn't have a care in the world.

16. The Real Victim

The Real Victim
Of course, at the center of all this strife is June's daughter, the real celebrity in the family, Honey Boo Boo.

17. Young Boo Boo

Young Boo Boo
While it seems as though she's been a TV fixture forever, HBB is still just 13, and her relatives fear June is incapable of providing her with a safe environment.

18. Trimming Down

Trimming Down
Shannon and her family have held on to TV relevance due to June's participation in shows such as Not to Hot, which documents her extreme weight loss.

19. Under Scrutiny

Under Scrutiny
But June has also been a controversial figure ever since her first show was canceled amid allegations that she was dating a man who molested one of her daughters.

20. Stay Tuned

Stay Tuned
Something tells us this whole thing is about to get worse before it gets better. We'll continue to keep you updated as more information becomes available.

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