Kailyn Lowry: Those Naked Snow Pics Were STOLEN From Me and Friggen Chris Lopez Lied About It!

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Earlier today, we reported on the news that a maternity photo of Kailyn Lowry was posted online, allegedly without her permission.

This probably wouldn't be news except ... okay, maybe it would be. But what we mean to say is that she's buck ass naked in it.

The image in question is a relatively tame and tasteful one, but she is nude in it, for whatever reason, Kail's not happy right now.

She says she didn't want it released to the public, and whether you agree with her or not, that should have been her right.

Lowry is currently pregnant with her fourth child, and the photo is part of a maternity set from which she previously posted pics.

It gets weirder, too: The situation has resulted in yet another ugly back-and-forth between Kail and her baby daddy, Chris Lopez.

Lopez, who put the baby inside her, says he does not believe that the image was actually leaked / posted without her permission.

Kail's response to that was about what you'd expect. This is some weird stuff. Here's what we know about the situation thus far:

1. Steamed Kail

Steamed Kail
Kailyn Lowry is angry. She claims her privacy was violated and that someone close to her is making the situation worse by casting doubt on her story.

2. Naked and Betrayed

Naked and Betrayed
A nude photo of Kailyn has been making its way across social media. Kail says the photographer posted the pic without her permission.

3. Making a Statement

Making a Statement
She posted this statement on her Instagram page to inform her followers of the situation and clarify that she did not post the pic herself.

4. Personal Pic

Personal Pic
“My team and I have been made aware that a personal photo of me was posted online without my knowledge or permission,” Lowry wrote.

5. A Familiar Road

A Familiar Road
“To say I am deeply saddened and humiliated, especially after the ill-advised posting of my previous maternity photo, is an understatement," she added.

6. An Unpleasant Surprise

An Unpleasant Surprise
"I had no plans to release this photograph," Kail concluded.

7. Horsing Around

Horsing Around
The earlier pic that Kail referred to is this one, which she posted herself. The photo was widely mocked for its unusual premise and composition.

8. Lesson Learned

Lesson Learned
The statement is a bit confusing, but it seems that Kail's experience with that pic taught her a harsh lesson about what sort of content will be well-received by her Instagram followers.

9. All-Caps Tirade

All-Caps Tirade
Whatever the case, Lowry is clearly outraged by the situation, and she thinks Chris Lopez -- father to her third and fourth children -- is making things worse.

10. Conflicting Stories

Conflicting Stories
“The photographer herself posted the photo without my permission. F–k Chris for saying that,” Kail wrote when a fan commented that Chris suggested she posted the pic herself.

11. Strong Words

Strong Words
Kail went on to complain that she can't tag Chris and call him out for his comments due to the fact that he has her blocked.

12. The Year of L's

The Year of L's
On Twitter, Kail was more subdued, complaining of the difficulties she's endured over thus far in 2020.

13. Hung Jury

Hung Jury
On both platforms, the reaction to Kail's latest drama was decidedly mixed.

14. Differing Opinions

Differing Opinions
Some are sympathetic to Kail's plight, while others believe she's making a mountain out of a molehill, or worse, begging for attention.

15. Pandemic Panic

Pandemic Panic
Many have pointed out that this is a time of global crisis and have encouraged Kail to try and keep her problems in perspective.

16. A Lecture From the Peanut Gallery

A Lecture From the Peanut Gallery
Others have accused Kail of repeatedly making bad decisions and refusing to learn from them.

17. Teen Mom Jealousy?

Teen Mom Jealousy?
Still others have accused Kail of creating this situation herself to try and steal the spotlight from her friend Leah Messer, who's been in the news all week due to her new memoir.

18. The Benefit of the Doubt

The Benefit of the Doubt
That last explanation seems unlikely, and we believe that Kail really didn't intend to post the photo herself.

19. PR Error

PR Error
But intentionally or otherwise, she has drawn more eyes to the pic with her complaint, as it probably would have gone largely unnoticed due to its similarity to previous photos.

20. The Streisand Effect

The Streisand Effect
Currently, Kail is experiencing a social phenomenon that's commonly referred to as the Streisand Effect.

21. Babs Drama

Babs Drama
The term refers to a 2003 lawsuit singer Barbra Streisand filed against a photographer who published an image of her home. Prior to the suit, the image was downloaded just six times from the photographer's site. By the time the suit was settled, it had been downloaded 420,000 times.

22. The Lowry Effect

The Lowry Effect
Obviously, the effect isn't quite so pronounced in Kail's case, but the principle is similar.

23. A Costly Misstep?

A Costly Misstep?
That's not to say Kail did the wrong thing by complaining that the photo was posted, but her complaint undeniably brought more attention to the situation.

24. The Next Move

The Next Move
As for whether or not Kail intends to take legal action herself, that remains unclear.

25. Bonus

A silver lining in all of this is that she seems to have frightened Chris into silence. He's been uncharacteristically quiet ever since his first comment provoked such outrage.

26. A Happy Ending?

A Happy Ending?
Hopefully, his involvement will serve as the push Kail needs to part ways with her (allegedly) abusive baby daddy for good.

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