Kailyn Lowry Stirs Pot With Hot Take on Coronavirus: People Don't React Like This About the Flu!

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Teen Mom 2 cast member Kailyn Lowry has some things to say about the current state of our world.

Specifically, about that whole pandemic situation.

Yep, Kail has gone and shared her thoughts on the coronavirus - and she seems to have a lot of them.

The only trouble is that literally no one is here for it.

Not even (former?!) BFF Leah Messer ...

1. Deep Breaths

Deep Breaths
Oh, Kailyn. Kailyn, Kailyn, Kailyn. Where do we even start with this?

2. Not Doing Well

Not Doing Well
If you've been keeping up with current events or spending time on social media, then you know that the world is currently having a pretty hard time.

3. So Much Sickness

So Much Sickness
The coronavirus is now officially being called a pandemic, people all over the world are being quarantined, President Donald J. Trump declared a state of emergency in the U.S. and schools, colleges, places of business and entertainment venues are being shut down left and right.

4. Oh No

Oh No
There's a bit of a panic, which you've probably witnessed if you've gone out to pick up toilet paper or hand sanitizer in the past week or two.

5. The Truth

The Truth
It's a bad situation. Simple as that.

6. Fair?

And Kailyn Lowry of Teen Mom 2 fame, like many people across the nation and world, has some feelings about it all.

7. Not Having It

Not Having It
"My 10 year old shouldn’t be coming home from school worried about the f--king corona virus," she tweeted on Thursday. "I hate it here."

8. Hmmm

It's a weird take because people everywhere are worried about this virus. When she wrote "I hate it here," was she talking about this planet?

9. Real Talk

Real Talk
Also, schools run rampant with all kinds of viruses anyway, wouldn't you want your child's school to be teaching the students how to handle this new issue?

10. Here We Go

Here We Go
It's also worth mentioning that Kail has gotten a lot of attention in the past for being against vaccines - so against them that she recently shared a meme comparing pro-vaccine people to literal Nazis.

11. WTF

Like, how are you going to get upset about the school telling kids to wash their hands when you won't protect them against completely preventable, potentially deadly diseases?

12. Man Oh Man

Man Oh Man
There are a lot of weird things packed into that one little tweet ... and her followers were quick to tear it apart.

13. Fair Question

Fair Question
One person asked why she was upset that Isaac's school is "educating him on age appropriate precaution" because "if they said nothing and someone in your school district tested positive, you’d be pissed about that."

14. Solid Response

Solid Response
"He should be worried about alot of things if you didn’t vaccinate him," another person said, and Kail responded to that one, writing "Politely remove yourself from my followers. Thanks!"

15. Right Right

Right Right
"70% of the US population will contract the Corona Virus within the next 12 months," someone predicted. "Let’s just hope we’ll be able to take something for it."

16. Not Listening

Not Listening
To that, Kailyn argued, "People didn’t react this way about the swine flu."

17. Well ...

Well ...
"YOU should be worried about him coming home with measles or infecting an innocent kid with them!!!!! Do you think before you type? Your kids aren’t even vaccinated & you are worried about him knowing about the corona virus? What about all the other viruses, Kail?!?!" yet another angry follower responded.

18. You Too, Leah?

You Too, Leah?
And Teen Mom fans weren't the only ones weighing in on it all. Kail's Teen Mom 2 co-star Leah Messer seemingly responded as well!

19. Tell 'Em, Leah!

Tell 'Em, Leah!
On her Facebook, Leah wrote "This Coronavirus may not affect some but it does my family."

20. Poor Ali

Poor Ali
"Ali has a compromised immune system because of her disease," she explained. "We will choose to stay low key and are requesting that everyone FaceTime or call us. We will be home watching movies and playing board games."

21. A Plea

A Plea
"Everyone take the CDC standard precautions and stay well," she finished.

22. Taking Things Seriously

Taking Things Seriously
She also shared a screenshot of that message on Instagram, adding "Just a thought guys ... This virus may not affect you personally but they spread of it can affect others like my Ali girl."

23. A Feud Brewing?!

A Feud Brewing?!
Obviously we can't say for sure that she posted this as a response to Kailyn's tweet, but it's notable that she did post it right when Kail started getting a whole lot of attention for her statement.

24. Totally Understandable

Totally Understandable
And if Ali does have a compromised immune system, we certainly don't blame her for putting more distance between herself and Kailyn.

25. What a Mess

What a Mess
What do you think about what Kailyn said about the virus?

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