Kailyn Lowry: Nobody Gives a F--k About That Tool Jenelle Evans!

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OK, so you guys know that whole thing where Jenelle Evans and Kailyn Lowry sort of totally hate each other?

A long time ago, they used to be friends, but they had a major falling out, so now they're mortal enemies.

They've been throwing shade back and forth over social media for a good few years now. That's nothing new.

But, Jenelle kicked things up a notch when she thought it would be cool to talk about Kailyn's issues with Chris Lopez.

She said some pretty nasty things on Twitter, and initially, it looked like Kailyn wouldn't take the bait.

Until now, that is ...

1. Some Background

Some Background
By now, you're probably familiar with what went down between Kailyn and Jenelle: they were close in the early days of Teen Mom 2, then Kailyn put in a lot of time, money and effort in bailing Jenelle out of jail, but she never paid her back. Then Jenelle revealed on social media that Kailyn was pregnant with Lux before she'd said anything publicly about it. So now they hate each other.

2. A Feud

A Feud
Since the shady pregnancy announcement, they've gone back and forth on social media plenty of times. Jenelle's husband, David Eason, has even gotten in on the action. It's gotten really messy many, many times, with the Easons body-shaming Kailyn, making fun of her sexuality ... just think of any kind of bad thing, they've probably said it about her.

3. Oof

Things had been quiet for a little bit, but back in May, the feud was reignited in a pretty major way after Kailyn seemingly commented on Jenelle's weight gain by tweeting “I don’t know who needs to hear this, but David better never come for my body ever again." Because they made fun of her weight so much, remember?

4. Oh No

Oh No
Jenelle retaliated by saying that Kailyn is a "giant" compared to her, which hardly seems fair since Kailyn is nearly an entire foot taller, and she also insinuated that maybe Kailyn is in love with her, and that's why she mentioned her body. Because that makes sense.

5. Keeping Calm

Keeping Calm
It was a nasty little spat, but for most of the summer, they were focused on other things -- Kailyn gave birth to her fourth child in July, so she's been busy with that, and Jenelle's been hard at work with that embarrassing YouTube series on CPS.

6. Why Though

Why Though
But Jenelle must have been getting bored, because earlier this week, she decided to go after Kailyn once again.

7. More Background

More Background
Last weekend, Kailyn shared that Chris Lopez had hacked a good few inches of Lux's hair off -- she said that he'd always liked it long and he'd always refused any haircuts, so she was letting him do what he wanted and then Chris hacked all that hair off without her knowledge or consent.

8. So Sad

So Sad
She said that Chris manipulated him into getting it cut, and Chris defended himself by saying that she's lucky he didn't "scalp his ass." Charming, right?

9. Understandable

It was a mess, and while a lot of people don't really care for Kailyn, most people could see why she was upset with Chris for what he did.

10. Of Course Not

Of Course Not
But not Jenelle!

11. Ugh

"I would have cut that little boy’s hair too," she tweeted on Monday. She added that her mother, Barbara, agreed with her.

12. So Rich

So Rich
"So please everyone.. just co-parent peacefully because no matter how much of a grudge you have against the father... there’s nothing that will ever prevent them from visitation rights," she wrote.

13. Hilarious

She also added "It’s really sad to see when the mother is the difficult one and holds the child away from the father while co-parenting. You can hate the other parent all you want but they aren’t going away like you want sooooo bad. #SorryNotSorry."

14. Seriously

The next day, she decided she still wasn't done -- she tweeted "You know what I find 'comical' Kail? Your podcast. All you do, since you’ve existed on TV, is be a complete bitch and one horrible friend. You can talk about me on your podcast and do interviews about me... but don’t own up to that."

15. Just a Thought!

Just a Thought!
"And Kail.. I’m truly sick of hearing my name and Brianna’s still brought up to this day. Why are we so relevant to you? Maybe focus on you, not me #JustAThought," Jenelle wrote.

16. Right

"Like I said.. I wouldn’t have to comment on anyone’s life if they didn’t comment on mine."

17. Here We Go

Here We Go
All of that is ridiculous for a number of reasons. For one, Kailyn hasn't said anything about Jenelle in months, so the "I wouldn’t have to comment on anyone’s life if they didn’t comment on mine" tweet doesn't really make sense.

18. Alas

Most people are aware that just not saying anything is an option, but not Jenelle, it seems.

19. Memories

Also, we remember a scene from Teen Mom 2 when Kaiser got his first haircut while he was with Nathan -- it was a good haircut, unlike Lux's, and Nathan wasn't doing it to be spiteful, but Jenelle was furious and she told him that she was changing her number and that if he wanted to see Kaiser again, he could take her to court. But way to give that co-parenting advice, girl.

20. Hitting Back

Hitting Back
It's been a few days since Jenelle said all of that, and Kailyn didn't respond. But now we know that she was just waiting to discuss the whole thing on her podcast!

21. Getting into It

Getting into It
On this week's episode, Kail's co-host, Lindsie Chrisley, brought up Jenelle's tweets. Kail said that she and Jenelle have each other blocked on Twitter, but that she did see screenshots.

22. There It Is

There It Is
Lindsie told her that Jenelle is trying to "have it both ways" by inserting herself in Kailyn's drama then calling Kailyn a "bully" whenever she talks about her, but Kailyn said “I haven’t commented on their lives in a long time just because I truly don’t give a f-ck."

23. Fat Chance

Fat Chance
“I’m not gonna comment on your sh-t anymore, don’t comment on mine," she said.

24. Dragged

She said that when Jenelle first started talking about the situation, she didn't feel the need to respond because “everyone in the comments is understanding my perspective and my point of view and literally dragged Jenelle for me," which is true.

25. Fair

But then Jenelle just wouldn't stop, so that's when she felt the need to address it.

26. Well ...

Well ...
Kailyn said that she's "making progress" on becoming a better person, but that she "can't say the same" about Jenelle -- for example, “I’ve never had CPS come into my home or investigate my children for safety issues."

27. True

“So, Jenelle probably isn’t the best person to be giving any type of advice on parenting," she remarked.

28. Nasty

“For her to come at my situation in such a nasty way, I feel speaks way more about the type of person that she is.”

29. Next Round?

Next Round?
As of now, Jenelle hasn't commented on Kailyn's statements, but it's hard to imagine she'll be able to stay quiet about it.

30. A Possibility

A Possibility
Then again, she could be too busy trying to convince everyone that all celebrities are Satanic cannibalistic pedophiles, so we may just have to wait and see.

31. The Big Question

The Big Question
Are you Team Kailyn or Team Jenelle with this?

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