Kailyn Lowry: Chris Lopez is a Cheater and a Deadbeat Dad!

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Kailyn Lowry has a whole, whole lot of drama going on her life on a regular basis.

She's famous for starring on a reality show about teen pregnancy -- it's to be expected.

During this season of Teen Mom 2, many of her issues revolved around her relationship with her third baby daddy, Chris Lopez, and the question of whether or not he'd even have a relationship with their child.

In the season finale, we saw her welcome little baby Lux, and though we didn't see Chris, we did hear about how he managed to be there for his birth.

He also brought Kailyn and Lux home from the hospital, so it seemed like things may have been looking up for the new little family.

But last night the Teen Mom 2 reunion special aired ... and Kailyn gave a pretty upsetting update on the situation.

1. Deadbeat Dad

Deadbeat Dad
Kailyn got right to the point during her interview at the reunion, telling Dr. Drew that "Chris and I haven't seen each other in a month so he hasn't seen the baby, either." She added that it was "kind of a hard pill to swallow."

2. So Sad

So Sad
The reunion was filmed on October 21st, and Lux was born on August 5th, so he would have been right around two and a half months old when Kailyn said that. So she's saying that Chris was involved in Lux's life for just about six weeks before splitting.

3. Scandal After Scandal

Scandal After Scandal
Kailyn also told Dr. Drew that Chris "cheated on me my whole pregnancy," and while that's very sad, it's not exactly new information.

4. "Other Hoes"

"Other Hoes"
In multiple episodes during this season, she's alluded to the fact that she wasn't the only woman in Chris' life. Once she referred to the "other hoes" he'd been talking to, and on a different occasion, when asked about his whereabouts, she stated that he was "with his other girlfriend."

5. The Other Woman?

The Other Woman?
In fact, rumor has it that perhaps Chris didn't cheat on Kailyn -- perhaps she's the woman he cheated with. According to some reports, he began hooking up with her after breaking up with his girlfriend, and that he went back to that girlfriend soon after.

6. Were They Even Dating?!

Were They Even Dating?!
Some reports also claim that Chris couldn't have cheated on Kailyn because they were never officially together -- they were just friends who had a fling that happened to result in a baby.

7. Barely in the Picture

Barely in the Picture
Literally and otherwise, Chris was clearly not in the picture that long, making only a handful of appearances on Kailyn's social media, and even in those cases, often with his face obscured - it was awhile before celebrity gossip websites even knew definitively what he looked like.

8. Hard Times

Hard Times
Whatever went down between them, Kailyn said at the reunion that "The things I went through... All the way leading up to having him was something that I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. You know, it was like, 'Oh, it'll get better, it'll get better' and then it never got better. There's no contact at all."

9. The Bright Side

The Bright Side
Although her third baby daddy isn't as involved as she would like -- or involved at all -- she's not alone! She told Dr. Drew "I have a really, really good group of friends that are just so great to me."

10. This Hayter Loves Her

This Hayter Loves Her
Kailyn's best friend Becky Hayter has been with her through thick and thin. She posted this image just a few days ago, with only a *heart* emoji as a caption; Becky and Kailyn have long been rumored to be more than friends, but regardless of their relationship status, they remain close - which is a great thing as she can use a true rock as part of her support system.

11. Family?

It's good that she does have such good friends, because she also revealed that after Lux was born, she reached out to her mother only to learn that she'd changed her phone number without telling her.

12. ... Yay?

... Yay?
Dr. Drew asked her how she felt about her mother's coldness, and she told him that she wasn't that upset about it because at this point, she's just used to her mom not being around. Heartbreaking, right?

13. Good Ideas

Good Ideas
Kailyn also said that although she's not in therapy right now, she's thinking about looking into it. After all this girl's been through, we can't think of anything better she could do for herself.

14. A Teen Mom First

A Teen Mom First
Despite so much adversity and so many setbacks, Kail recently became the first member of the Teen Mom franchise to earn a four-year degree. Girl's got Hustle and Heart, to borrow the title of her book. But will she focus on her career now, or

15. More Kids!?

More Kids!?
Another revelation: Kailyn is done having kids! At least for now.

16. Baby Kailyn?!

Baby Kailyn?!
Dr. Drew asked her about the possibility of having a baby girl in the future, and she said "I don't think so. Yeah, I don't think I could handle a little version of myself."

17. Javi Drama?!

Javi Drama?!
As for the current state of her relationship with Javi, she said "In this moment, I'm not sure, but prior to coming here, things were really great. We were co-parenting really well. So there's been a little tension and I just haven't really talked to him." What changed? What happened?!

18. 4 People?!

4 People?!
They may be in a better place now, but Kail just dropped this Twitter BOMB on a fan who criticized her for calling out Chris after she (allegedly) cheated on Javi. According to Lowry, this version of events is very wrong. Four times over?! Talk about opening up a can of worms ...

19. Will This Be Another Roadblock?

Will This Be Another Roadblock?
Javi Marroquin is reportedly dating none other than Kailyn's Teen Mom 2 co-star Briana DeJesus. That may not go over well if it lasts.

20. What About Jo?

What About Jo?
For awhile, it was just Kailyn and Jo Rivera, struggling to co-parent one son. Now she has two more, and he's arguably become the more stable elder statesman of the bunch. Are Rivera and Lowry really living a blissful, conflict-free life at this point, or ...

21. Tune in Next Week ...

Tune in Next Week ...
MTV is cruelly waiting until next week to allow Kailyn to spill more tea on her relationships with Javi, Jo, and more ... so we'll see you then!

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