Kailyn Lowry Goes on the ATTACK Against Briana DeJesus: Bish, Be Humble!

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The two series that make up the Teen Mom franchise are unique among reality shows, in that the principal cast members spend very little time in one another's presence.

As such, fans usually have to wait until the annual reunion episodes to see the moms lock horns with their rivals.

But not this year.

No, last night's episode of Teen Mom 2 cut right to the chase, focusing on some backstage drama that took place at the filming of last season's reunion show.

Not surprisingly, the ongoing feud between Kailyn Lowry and Briana DeJesus came to a head in a major way, and fans were treated to sort of high drama that usually only comes after the finale.

Here's a recap of the fireworks that took went off in the hair and makeup room...

1. Briana v. Kailyn

Briana v. Kailyn
Briana and Kailyn have never gotten along, but based on what we saw last night, their feud has only deteriorated in recent months.

2. Briana Drama

Briana Drama
The reunion couldn't have come at a more contentious time, as Briana had recently taken a controversial trip to Florida with Javi, his son, and his stepson.

3. Sketchy Behavior

Sketchy Behavior
Kail was understandably upset that Javi didn't inform her prior to the trip that he would be sharing a hotel room with Briana while on vacation with her two sons.

4. A Messy Situation

A Messy Situation
“Could you imagine someone you work with is dating your ex-husband? It’s weird,” Kailyn remarked to her friend. “It’s messy. I don’t think she’s a good person.”

5. DeJesus In Denial?

DeJesus In Denial?
For her part, Briana didn't see any need for drama, remarking, “I want us to all get along and have a good time.”

6. Not Happening

Not Happening
We suppose Briana's optimism was refreshing, if a tad naive. Not surprisingly, the stuff hit the fan the moment Kail and Bri laid eyes on one another ...

7. Lodging a Complaint

Lodging a Complaint
When Kail realized that she and her baby would be forced to share space with Briana during the hair and makeup process, she made her displeasure clear to one of the show's producers.

8. No New Friends

No New Friends
“I don’t want to be around Briana. I don’t want to be around Jenelle [Evans]. I don’t want to be around Javi. I don’t want to be around these people," Kail complained.

9. Laughing It Off

Laughing It Off
Briana apparently found Kail's meltdown amusing, joking, “There is a new bitch here!”

10. Entangled Alliances

Entangled Alliances
It was Leah Messer who informed Kail about Briana and Javi's hotel arrangement. As a result, Leah found herself unwillingly wrapped up in this messy conflict, and she endured a confrontation with Briana that left her in tears.

11. A Messer Situation

A Messer Situation
“If she didn’t want me to say anything, she shouldn’t have f–king said anything,” Leah aptly pointed out. “I could give a f–k about your life.”

12. The Confrontation

The Confrontation
Finally, Briana and Kailyn had it out over Javi, a moment that fans have been waiting for ever since MTV started airing previews of what it promised would be the most explosive season of TM2 yet.

13. Laying It On the Line

Laying It On the Line
"Javi is telling me ya’ll are basically trying to be together. I honestly don’t care if you all date, but he needs to be real about it and you need to be real about it," Lowry told DeJesus.

14. Nothing to Tell ... Yet

Nothing to Tell ... Yet
“We can’t tell you nothing if we don’t know what’s going on with us. All we are is friends right now. I can’t tell you it’s going to be more if it’s not," Briana shot back, accusing Kail of being "salty" over the fact that Javi is "moving on."

15. An Ugly Situation

An Ugly Situation
It was then that Briana began calling Kailyn "annoying" and telling her to "shut up." Lowry responded by calling Briana "ratchet."

16. Sister Act

Sister Act
At that moment, Briana's sister, Brittany DeJesus, jumped into the argument in hilarious fashion. “Don’t call my f**king sister ratchet cause I’m the real ratchet one,” she shouted.

17. Going HAM

Going HAM
“Don’t f--king dismiss me, bitch," Brittany continued. "You don’t know who the f-ck you’re f-cking with. Because you’re mad over your ex man liking my sister. Don’t come at my sister like that. Oh bitch you don’t even know.”

18. Too Much Drama?

Too Much Drama?
Reality TV producers live for drama, but last year's reunion show may have been a bit too much. As such, TM2 execs have reportedly taken steps to ensure that there are no backstage shenanigans at future reunion tapings.

19. Playing Innocent

Playing Innocent
Briana says she doesn't understand the need for the added precautions. "It's not like I'm going to do anything," she recently told Radar Online. Translation: She's totally gonna do something.

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