Jeremy Calvert: Did He Cheat on His Girlfriend With Leah Messer?!

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Jeremy Calvert is in a new relationship, and Leah Messer is pretending to be happy for him.

Unfortunately, anyone with a pair of eyes and the slightest instinct for how human relationships work can see that Leah never quite got over Jeremy, and she would take him back in a heartbeat.

So when word got out that Jeremy is dating Desi Kibler, Leah put on a brave face, offered her congratulations - and then promptly slept with Jeremy.

Or at least that's the word on the street.

Now, Jeremy is speaking out against the cheating rumors, and it seems he is not happy about being forced to go down this road yet again.

1. Jeremy and Desi

Jeremy and Desi
Calvert and Kibler made their relationship Instagram official with this photo. Unfortunately, Jeremy might have still been weighing his options at the time it was taken.

2. Suspicious Trailer

Suspicious Trailer
A trailer for the new season of Teen Mom 2 shows Leah revealing to a friend that she recently hooked up with Jeremy.

3. The Overlap

The Overlap
Combine that with reports that Jeremy and Desi have been quietly dating for several months, and it's not hard to see how Jeremy might have some explaining to do.

4. A Timeline

A Timeline
Jeremy and Leah reportedly hooked up in early 2018, which is well after when he first got together with Desi. But don't worry - Jer's got an explanation. It's just not a good one...

5. A Single Man

A Single Man
"I didn’t cheat on my girlfriend Desi with Leah,” Jeremy told The Ashley's Reality Roundup in a recent interview. “When me and Leah hooked up, I was a single man.”

6. The Explanation

The Explanation
So how does Jeremy explain the fact that he hooked up with Leah AFTER he started dating Desi? Well, here's where it gets good ...

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