Kailyn Lowry: Did She Already Have Her Baby?!

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Kailyn Lowry is currently extremely pregnant with her fourth child.

... Or is she?!

Her due date is at the end of this month, and she could go into labor at any time now, but there's a bit of a theory going around that she's secretly already had the baby!

And that's because of these really adorable, extra precious photos she's been sharing on social media.

1. With Child

With Child
At the beginning of this year, Kailyn announced that she's expecting her fourth child, and her second with Chris Lopez.

2. Hmmm

It was a shocking announcement for many, many reasons.

3. Strange ...

Strange ...
One, she wasn't in a relationship with Chris, and she's arguably never actually been in a relationship with him.

4. Oh No

Oh No
She's admitted that they first hooked up when she was still married to Javi, and we already knew that he had another girlfriend when she was pregnant with Lux, their first child together.

5. Yikes

Two, she's complained many, many times about Chris being an absent father. She even wrote in one of her books that he was abusive, breaking a window in her bedroom shortly after she gave birth and actually breaking into her home when all of her children were there.

6. More Details

More Details
The whole thing was even more surprising when we learned that the very same month when they conceived this new baby, Chris was arrested twice on charges we're still not sure about, but that caused Kail to obtain an order of protection against him.

7. Bad Move

Bad Move
He was arrested in January for violating that order, so clearly the whole thing is just a giant mess.

8. Doing It Alone

Doing It Alone
Kail has said that this pregnancy has been rough emotionally, but that she's fully prepared to raise this baby alone, and that she pretty much has Lux 100% of the time anyway.

9. Such a Nightmare

Such a Nightmare
And that may be for the best, considering the things Kailyn alleged just last week.

10. So Toxic

So Toxic
Chris did an Instagram Live, and Kail showed up in the comments, asking him questions about the order of protection. He said that she got the order because he "made her feel threatened," but he didn't really want to talk about it further.

11. Wow

She kept pushing it, and he kept trying to shut it down, telling her “Don’t put our business out there." Kailyn responded by claiming that he'd choked her.

12. Goodness

Chris didn't deny that, but he did call her a bully, and he seemed to suggest that she was just trying to get him to violate the order of protection. He said that he was "terrified" of her before clarifying that he was "just playing" about that.

13. Wild

Despite all of this, he said that he was "proud" to have two children with Kailyn, and insinuated that they might go on to have more. He also explained that everything that's been going on between them, all the things she's been saying and the way she's been going off, has been because of "the hormones."

14. Almost Time!

Almost Time!
Another thing Chris addressed was the upcoming birth -- he said that he'd be there if he's able, but it's tricky because of the order of protection. Kailyn, meanwhile, has already said that he won't be invited or notified.

15. What?!

And she may not have notified anyone ... because the baby may already be here!!!

16. So Close

So Close
Her due date is at the end of the month, but since she's already given birth three times, she could definitely go into labor sooner -- keep that in mind.

17. Close to Home

Close to Home
Also remember that she recently revealed that she's planning on a home birth, so really no one would find out about the baby unless she made an announcement.

18. Baby?!

And quite a few people seem to think that these photos she just shared are her announcement!

19. Is That Him?!

Is That Him?!
First, Kailyn shared this photo of Lux holding a baby on her Instagram story. She didn't offer any explanation, she didn't give any kind of caption, just this photo.

20. Detective Time

Detective Time
And yeah, that baby may be a little large for a newborn, but sometimes babies have big heads, you know? It could just be the angle making the baby look larger, too.

21. Lots to Consider

Lots to Consider
And if you look, you can see that the person helping Lux hold the baby is being careful to support the head, which is something you only have to do with small babies.

22. Hi Baby!

Hi Baby!
Later, Kailyn shared this photo of what looks to be the same baby, only this time the baby is in a car seat.

23. A Lot to Consider

A Lot to Consider
You can see the baby a little clearer here -- that could be a newborn, right? It's an infant car seat, and it has that little insert so its little head can be supported.

24. Is It Though?!

Is It Though?!
The big question though, of course, is if this is Kailyn's newborn.

25. Oh Man!

Oh Man!
At this point, we really don't know.

26. No Answers

No Answers
Like we said, she didn't offer up any kind of explanation for the photos, she just shared them.

27. So Confusing

So Confusing
We do know that a Teen Mom gossip page on Instagram claimed that this a friend's baby, but we don't know where Kailyn (or anyone else) confirmed that.

28. What a Move

What a Move
That could certainly be the case -- a lot of people think she's trying to make Chris feel bad by posting photos of a random baby with no explanation, or that she's trying to get him to reach out to her.

29. Stranger Things Have Happened

Stranger Things Have Happened
Another possibility is that this is in fact her new baby, and she had it a day or two ago at home and just did a chill little announcement by sharing some photos.

30. If Only

If Only
That would be a cool move, but we're inclined to believe that this really is just a friend's baby. Maybe she's trying to do something to Chris by not being clear about that, maybe she's just sharing cute pictures, who knows?

31. Just Getting Started

Just Getting Started
Either way ... this is probably going to get a lot worse before it gets better, huh?

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