Kailyn Lowry & Chelsea Houska: Is Their Friendship Really Over?

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Kailyn Lowry is pretty clear with regard to her feelings toward the other members of the Teen Mom 2 cast.

For example, we know that Lowry is close friends with Leah Messer, and is decidedly not a fan of Jenelle Evans.

Similarly, Kail keeps her distance from Briana DeJesus, owing largely to the fact that Bri dated Kail's ex-husband, Javi Marroquin.

But when it comes to Kail and Chelsea Houska, the picture is a little blurrier.

Lowry and Houska used to be close friends, but now they have very little contact with one another.

And fans think that's no accident.

Here's what we know about the situation:

1. Former Besties

Former Besties
At one point, Kail and Chelsea were far more than just co-workers who got along -- they were close friends.

2. Better Days

Better Days
We suppose that's no great surprise. After all, other than their fellow castmates, few people can relate to what the ladies of the Teen Mom universe have experienced over the course of the past decade.

3. Odd Woman Out

Odd Woman Out
Which is one of the reasons they've all formed pretty close bonds over the years. Well, all of them except for Jenelle Evans ...

4. The Latest Besties

The Latest Besties
These days, Kail and Leah are the closest friends on the cast, but there was a time when Lowry appeared to be just as tight with Chelsea.

5. So What Happened?

So What Happened?
These days, however, that's not the case -- and fans are desperate to know why Kail and Chelsea don't hang out anymore.

6. Podmother

Kail is one of the hosts of the popular Coffee Convos podcast, and her recent interview with longtime friend Becky Hayter raised some eyebrows.

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