Justice For Nugget: Jenelle Evans' Poor Treatment of Animals Exposed By Shocking Video, Movement

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For many, the news that David Eason shot and killed his wife's dog during a fit of rage did not come as much of a surprise.

After all, David is obsessed with guns, and he has a long history of abusive behavior.

It was only a matter of time before he combined his two passions into a single act and demonstrated to all the world that he's one of the worst human beings currently drawing breath.

Far more shocking was the news that Jenelle and David were able to regain custody of their kids after that appalling act.

And now there's this -- as though to rub our noses in the injustice of it all, the Easons are dog owners once again.

Not only that, they purchased -- not adopted -- two pooches of a particularly temperamental breed.

And they're posting videos of their kids aggressively playing with the kids, even though David claims he shot the last dog because it behaved threateningly toward his daughter during play.

Not surprisingly, this nauseating display has sparked yet another anti-Eason movement on social media.

Take a look:

1. #JusticeForNugget

That's the hashtag that became a worldwide trending topic after word got out that David had messily executed Jenelle's 11-pound Frenchie with a shotgun as his horrified children listened from inside the house.

2. Scot-Free

David suffered no legal consequences as a result of his fatal outburst, largely because Jenelle was unwilling to file a report and testify against him.

3. Standing By Her Man

Standing By Her Man
Instead, she stuck by his side, even as her children were removed from her home following a CPS investigation which determined that they were not safe living with Jenelle or David.

4. Shocking Turn

Shocking Turn
To the chagrin of millions, the Easons' kids were returned to them following a bizarre and lengthy legal battle, that involved Jenelle hurling accusations of past criminal misconduct against a CPS investigator.

5. Consequences

But just because she got her kids back, that doesn't mean Jenelle was able to escape the scandal without suffering any consequences.

6. Kicked to the Curb

Kicked to the Curb
Evans was fired from her gig Teen Mom 2 -- the only job she's ever held -- and has now resorted to posting clickbait articles about her fellow castmates in order to make ends meet.

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