Julianne Hough and Brooks Laich's Tropical Honeymoon: See the Pics!

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Remember how super excited Julianne Hough and Brooks Laich were to get married?

Well, they tied the knot.

You might remember how we talked about Nina Dobrev and Glen Powell's PDA? That was at Brooks and Julianne's wedding. 

And now they're on their honeymoon.

As you might expect with a bigass engagement ring like these two had, the honeymoon was more than a weekend trip to some bed-and-breakfast.

No, they're having a tropical honeymoon in the Seychelles.

Everything looks beautiful. The beach, the water, the trees -- and especially the bride and groom.

Take a look at their fantastic tropical getaway!







1. The adventure begins!

The adventure begins!
Brooks Laich steps out onto the beach as their tropical honeymoon begins!

2. The Precious ...

The Precious ...
Brooks Laich frames Julianne's figure through his wedding ring, which might be artsy but is definitely all kinds of cute, right?

3. They're REALLY attractive

They're REALLY attractive
There are plenty of cute couples in this world, but usually it's the affection that makes them so cute. Julianne and Brooks are just hot, and not just because they're in the Seychelles.

4. Abs for days ...

Abs for days ...
Julianne Hough's abs are ridiculous. You know what? Good for her. Nobody needs to be that attractive but this photo was very necessary.

5. A Julianne selfie

A Julianne selfie
Just because you're on your honeymoon doesn't mean that you can let your selfie game go to waste.

6. Watching the sunset, probably

Watching the sunset, probably
Does Julianne look smaller beside him in this photo than in others? Is she just leggy or is it just where they're positioned? (Or are we just losing our minds?)

7. A passport photo before they headed out

A passport photo before they headed out
Clearly they couldn't contain their eagerness, and that's kind of what honeymoons are for.

8. Brooks Laich looking GREAT on that beach

Brooks Laich looking GREAT on that beach
Brooks looks fantastic. You'd almost think that he's some sort of professional athlete! (That is a joke, he's a professional hockey player)

9. Swingers ...

Swingers ...
Brooks snapped this photo while he's on the hammock and Julianne's on a swing. A lot of swinging jokes are coming to mind but we're trying to be nice.

10. A marital selfie!

A marital selfie!
They seem a little tired but a lot happy in this selfie.

11. They're on a boat!

They're on a boat!
Julianne and Brooks are so good-looking in this photo that you wonder what they could possibly see from a boat that would be worth peeling their eyes away from each other.

12. Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!

Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!
They're cute, you guys. This is cute.

13. Brooks can't contain his excitement

Brooks can't contain his excitement
We get it -- Brooks has a LOT to be happy about right now. Good for him. Good for both of them.

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