Hilarious Parents Challenge Beyonce, Recreate Iconic Twins Photo

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On July 13, 2017, Beyonce posed for what has already become a legendary photo on Instagram.

In honor of twins Rumi and Sir turning one-month old, the singer got dressed up in a veil and a flowing purple blanket/cape-type thingy and stared seriously into the camera, with the Pacific Ocean on display behind her.

She cradled her newborns in her arms.

In response to the image, most people on the Internet lost their minds.

But a few parents took Beyonce's snapshpt as a challenge, recreating it with their own kids... in their own clothing... on their own, less picturesque property.

The results are hilarious. Check them out below.

1. The Announcement

The Announcement
Beyonce's twins photo was a bookend to this lovely image, which the singer shared in February to announce she was expecting.

2. Meet the Twins!

Meet the Twins!
Beyonce showed off Rumi and Sir to the world with this gorgeous photo.

3. Twins, Huh?

Twins, Huh?
This hilarious mother scoffs at Beyonce posing with two kids in her arms. Try THREE some time, Queen Bey!

4. Hey, Bey!

Hey, Bey!
This mother may not be posing in the same artistic manner as Beyonce, but we love that blanket!

5. Standing Up is Tiring

Standing Up is Tiring
So this mother of twins had to take a little break and squat down for a bit during her photo shoot. Her legs aren't as powerful as those of Beyonce.

6. The Future is... Male!

The Future is... Male!
Let's not be sexist here. Men also channeled their inner Beyonce in recreating her twins' debut photo.

7. Just for a Comparison

Just for a Comparison
We're with this mother. She totally and completely nailed it!

8. 2 Minutes, 3 Children

2 Minutes, 3 Children
Take THIS, Beyonce! How long did it take to set up your shoot?!?

9. Also Nailed It!

Also Nailed It!
Twins are twins, right? Good luck getting YOUR kids to sit in one spot for a photo at 13 years old, Beyonce!

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