Joy Villa Makes Pro-Trump Fashion Statement at 2017 Grammy Awards

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Joy Villa made quite a fashion statement on the red carpet of the 2017 Grammy Awards.

By showing a lot of skin? By going with a bold color? By choosing an unusual hairstyle?

Nope, nope and nope.

The singer/songwriter did so by wearing a red, white and blue dress that has "Make America Great Again" written on the front and "TRUMP" written along the back.

As you might expect, the outfit earned Villa a great deal of derision on social media, with one Twitter user noting:

"Someone who calls herself a feminist in her Twitter bio is wearing a Make America Great Again dress to the Grammys."

Judge the ensemble for yourself via the following photo gallery:


Joy Villa made quite the impression at the 2017 Grammy. She wants to Make America Great Again, apparently.

2. Sending a Message

Sending a Message
Joy Villa is a Donald Trump supporter. What other conclusion can we draw from this dress?

3. A Bold Statement

A Bold Statement
Do you need us to finish the rest of this dress? There's a "P" blocked from this photo. The back reads "Trump."

4. A Fashion Winner or Loser?

A Fashion Winner or Loser?
Make America Great Again. It's a slogan that singer Joy Villa can evidently get behind.

5. I Just Want to Make Headlines!

I Just Want to Make Headlines!
Joy Villa turned heads at the 2017 Grammy Awards. That's what happens when you wear a Make America Great Again dress.

6. Did Trump Pay Her for This?

Did Trump Pay Her for This?
That's what some Twitter users are wondering.

7. All Smiles

All Smiles
Joy Villa successfully made herself into an Internet sensation when she donned this Make America Great Again dress at the Grammys.

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