Joy-Anna Duggar & Austin Forsyth: Lying About Courtship? Forced to Marry By Both Overbearing Fathers??

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It's been over two years since Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth married in the sort of lavish, massively-attended ceremony for which their family has become known.

And it seems as though the young couple has been enjoying a life of quiet domestic bliss ever since.

Though Joy recently suffered a miscarriage, insiders say Austin has been a tremendous source of support.

The 25-year-old is making a way for himself in one of the few career fields Jim Bob approves of (real estate).

But there's reason to believe that when they first met, Joy and Austin were not so thrilled with the idea of exchanging vows.

In fact, many fans believe that Joy was forced to marry Austin by heir overbearing fathers.

Here's everything we know about the situation - and Austin's surprisingly controversial father - so far:

1. The Not-So-Happy Couple?

The Not-So-Happy Couple?
Joy and Austin's wedding looked just like every other Duggar ceremony. But one major difference may have been the fact that the couple wasn't at the altar by choice,

2. The Duggars' Version

The Duggars' Version
The "official" account of Joy and Austin's courtship is more than a little creepy, but it's one the Duggars have been repeating for years.

3. Do the Math

Do the Math
According to that version, Joy and Austin met through the church (of course), and there was an instant attraction between them ... despite the fact that Austin was four years Joy's senior.

4. Yikes

Not a big deal now that they're adults, but considering Joy and Austin grew up attending the same church, they were probably pretty young the first time they laid eyes on one another.

5. The Wait Is Over

The Wait Is Over
Thankfully, Joy and Austin held off on starting a romantic relationship until after she turned 18. But that doesn't mean they were able to avoid controversy.

6. Or Is It?

Or Is It?
As you probably know, the Duggars have strict rules governing romantic relationships. The most famous of which is that virtually all forms of physical contact among non-married couples are prohibited.

7. Shotgun Stories

Shotgun Stories
This allegedly proved to be an issue for Joy and Austin, and fans speculated that the Joy got pregnant well before her wedding day.

8. Mystery Unsolved

Mystery Unsolved
Obviously, that matter was never resolved to the satisfaction of Duggar obsessives, but the topic is essentially closed at this point.

9. The New Crisis

The New Crisis
But Joy is a Duggar, which means there's pretty much always some sort of active controversy in her life. And the latest also involves her relationship with Austin.

10. The Jim Bob Factor

The Jim Bob Factor
Jim Bob and Michelle have admitted in the past that they tend to "guide" their siblings toward partners who they believe would make suitable spouses.

11. The Rebel

The Rebel
Occasionally, these efforts are in vain, and the kids blaze their own trails, such as when Jinger Duggar married Jeremy Vuolo (whom her parents reportedly do not approve of).

12. Playing It Safe

Playing It Safe
Perhaps as a result of that "failure," the Duggars didn't take any chances when it came to Joy-Anna.

13. You Heard It Here First

You Heard It Here First
The Hollywood Gossip was the first to report on indications that the marriage between Joy and Austin was essentially arranged after Jim Bob struck a deal with Austin's father, Terry Forsyth.

14. Tense Situation

Tense Situation
"His father governs everything that he does, from cutting cows to doing whatever," the source told THG regarding the relationship between Terry and Austin.

15. The Ultimatum

The Ultimatum
The source added that Jim Bob and Terry worked out a system whereby Austin would be able to prove that he has what it takes to provide for Joy.

16. Flipping Out

Flipping Out
"He couldn't date Joy-Anna until he flipped five houses," the insider stated. "Austin had to flip and sell five houses before he'd be allowed to date."

17. An Odd Demand

An Odd Demand
"He went to his dad, and he said, 'What do I need to do?' and his dad said, 'You need to flip five houses before you can court,'" our source added.

18. It Gets Weirder

It Gets Weirder
Interestingly, Terry Forsyth has a past that would render most people persona non grata in the Duggars' community -- but it appears both Jim Bob and his church decided to make an exception.

19. Bending the Rules

Bending the Rules
"Terry, he's on his second marriage, and I still haven't figured this one out yet, he's an officer in Paul [Caldwell]'s church," the insider told us. "You can't be an officer in the church if you've been divorced."

20. Almost Incestuous

Almost Incestuous
Paul Caldwell, of course, is the father of Joseph Duggar's wife, Kendra Caldwell, and it appears he's very close friends with Terry Forsyth -- who shares Jim Bob's views regarding hyper-strict child-rearing.

21. A Sad State

A Sad State
"Austin is a prime candidate for mental abuse, because I'm sure he's been totally mentally browbeat," said the insider of Austin's harsh upbringing.

22. The Cycle Continues

The Cycle Continues
"I guarantee [Joy] is at his beck and call," the informant added. "To me, she really has no life with Austin. She's just gonna be a baby factory."

23. Catching On

Catching On
In recent weeks, fans have begun to notice that there's something amiss regarding Joy and Austin's marriage.

24. A Likely Theory

A Likely Theory
“I feel like neither noticed each other until Jim [Bob] started mentioning it to them,” one Reddit user wrote this week.

25. A Strong Possibility

A Strong Possibility
“Maybe Austin’s dad has been saying for years that there’s plenty of Duggar girls to choose from. Maybe Joy was all that was left when he decided to settle down,” added another user, remarking on the couple's age difference.

26. Shrouded In Mystery

Shrouded In Mystery
Whatever the case, the situation is likely to remain as mysterious as Joy's pregnancy, thanks largely to the fact that Duggar women are experts at pretending to be happy.

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