Andrew Glennon Details Amber Portwood Abuse, Claims She's Back on Drugs

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Amber Portwood's relationship with Andrew Glennon ended in horrific fashion back in July.

Like, there was an arrest and a no contact order and everything.

There's a custody battle going on for their son, James, and Amber's criminal case isn't done yet, so there's still a lot going on.

But now, Andrew is giving a little more insight into what happened leading up to their breakup.

And it's real, real ugly ...

1. What a Nightmare

What a Nightmare
Can you believe that it's barely been two years since Andrew Glennon first made the gigantic, life-altering mistake of getting with Amber Portwood?

2. A Real Roller Coaster

A Real Roller Coaster
A whole lot has happened in those two years -- she got pregnant right away, so they welcomed their son, James, in May of last year, and there was some talk of getting married and possibly even moving to Andrew's hometown of Malibu.

3. Here We Go

Here We Go
But of course all those plans changed back in July when Amber allegedly assaulted Andrew ... while he was holding James.

4. Ugh

The whole dumb thing began because Amber got mad when traffic kept them from going to see some fireworks on the Fourth of July, and instead of finding another route or another place to watch fireworks or literally anything else, she decided to beat Andrew with a shoe.

5. Gross

She admitted to that part, although she treated it like no big deal. Meanwhile, police apparently have photos of bruises and scratches on Andrew's neck and shoulder from that beating.

6. Good Move

Good Move
After that, Andrew decided to leave Amber alone for a while. He said that he took James and they drove around for a few hours, but when they came home, she was still furious.

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