Andrew Glennon Details Amber Portwood Abuse, Claims She's Back on Drugs

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Amber Portwood's relationship with Andrew Glennon ended in horrific fashion back in July.

Like, there was an arrest and a no contact order and everything.

There's a custody battle going on for their son, James, and Amber's criminal case isn't done yet, so there's still a lot going on.

But now, Andrew is giving a little more insight into what happened leading up to their breakup.

And it's real, real ugly ...

1. What a Nightmare

What a Nightmare
Can you believe that it's barely been two years since Andrew Glennon first made the gigantic, life-altering mistake of getting with Amber Portwood?

2. A Real Roller Coaster

A Real Roller Coaster
A whole lot has happened in those two years -- she got pregnant right away, so they welcomed their son, James, in May of last year, and there was some talk of getting married and possibly even moving to Andrew's hometown of Malibu.

3. Here We Go

Here We Go
But of course all those plans changed back in July when Amber allegedly assaulted Andrew ... while he was holding James.

4. Ugh

The whole dumb thing began because Amber got mad when traffic kept them from going to see some fireworks on the Fourth of July, and instead of finding another route or another place to watch fireworks or literally anything else, she decided to beat Andrew with a shoe.

5. Gross

She admitted to that part, although she treated it like no big deal. Meanwhile, police apparently have photos of bruises and scratches on Andrew's neck and shoulder from that beating.

6. Good Move

Good Move
After that, Andrew decided to leave Amber alone for a while. He said that he took James and they drove around for a few hours, but when they came home, she was still furious.

7. Yikes

From Andrew's story, it sounds like they had the worst night ever -- Amber screamed and yelled and threatened to kill herself, and she even took a handful of pills that she ended up throwing up after Andrew threatened to call 911.

8. Uh Oh

Uh Oh
But in the wee hours of the morning, things took a much more violent turn when she allegedly grabbed a machete and went after Andrew with it. He was still holding James, and he ran into another room, then held the door closed with his foot while he texted 911 for help.

9. Good

Police arrived soon after, and Amber was arrested and later charged with three felonies -- two counts of domestic battery and one count of criminal recklessness with a deadly weapon.

10. Thank Goodness

Thank Goodness
Andrew was also quick to go for custody of James, too -- as of now, he's trying to get the court to approve a move for them back to California and Amber only has supervised visits.

11. What Else?

What Else?
So that's it, right? That's everything until the court makes a decision on everything?

12. Ha

Nope, not so much.

13. Dang It, MTV

Dang It, MTV
This week, Amber's interview with Dr. Drew for the Teen Mom OG reunion aired, and it was ... well, it was not great.

14. Not a Good Look

Not a Good Look
Amber called Andrew "insane" for telling the story about the machete, and she also ridiculed him for texting 911, saying “A text message, by the way. I just want to point that out real quick to everybody. But I ran after him with a machete. Let me tell you what, if somebody’s coming after me with something like that, I’m calling the f-cking police and running out the door.”

15. However ...

However ...
Which is ridiculous, since Andrew said that when he tried to call 911 earlier that night, she flipped out -- of course he wouldn't want her to know about him reaching out for help when she was wielding a machete.

16. Hmmm

And since one of her charges involves a deadly weapon and the police have several photos from inside the home as evidence in the case against her, it's probably safe to say that there's a chance his story could be true, right?

17. Also Gary

Not to mention the fact that Amber is a known abuser. She assaulted Gary twice on camera, so like, we know that's a thing she does. Why does she think Andrew's story is so "insane"?

18. Nope Nope Nope

Nope Nope Nope
Really the whole interview was pretty disgusting, and it was kind of surprising that MTV allowed Amber to play the victim throughout the whole thing.

19. Oh Wow

Oh Wow
Especially when, according to a new statement from Andrew, her abuse was way worse than just that one night in July.

20. Sharing His Story

Sharing His Story
The statement comes from Instagram -- someone left a comment on a post of his, and although they've since deleted that comment, his reply is still up there. And it's a doozy.

21. Getting Started

Getting Started
"Sorry the truth I lived was nasty??" Andrew began. "Want me to bottle my emotions and let horrible stuff fly about my son and I? While the abuser is still abusing me only this time it’s via social media and national television instead of fists and curse words?"

22. The Bigger Picture

The Bigger Picture
"I’m not talking about the side of the story of what happened in July," he continued, "I’m talking about the landslide of abuse that I had to endure the past entire year."

23. So Sad

So Sad
"It changed me. She broke me down psychologically. I became more silent, I hesitated before speaking, what she did literally altered my speech pattern. I needed to be prescribed medication for anxiety which I have never had in my life."

24. Standing Up for Himself

Standing Up for Himself
"No. I’m not going to be silent until your dust settles. I’ve been silent for too long. The abuse has gone on for far too long," he said.

25. Whoa

He recounted some of his feelings from his time with Amber, sharing that "I was conditioned to feel useless and everything I said was wrong. I’d have anxiety attacks pulling up to the house and right before going to sleep, when she would lock herself in her closet until 6am smoking weed, listening to music and taking hydrocodone."

26. Bombs Dropped

Bombs Dropped
Yep, he's saying that she's no longer clean -- something that many people have suspected for a while now.

27. Darker and Darker

Darker and Darker
"Everyday I was ripped into emotionally," he shared, "but I kept going for James, I kept going having blind faith that she would change, that it was just a dark patch, but it kept getting darker, and darker, and darker."

28. No Help

No Help
"I made cries for help to her doctor, her brother, her family, MTV, and it landed on sympathetic but deaf ears. I am the only person who truly cared for this woman, wholly, entirely... and I got hurt for it. I got hurt bad."

29. Broken Family

Broken Family
"I never claimed to be perfect, but I did my absolute best for her and for James," his comment continued. "And now my family is broken and I’m being attacked further for doing WHAT I HAVE TO DO to be the only stable parent to care for James."

30. Poor James

Poor James
"Who cares for him when all eyes rush to help Amber?" he asked. "Everyone has been blinded by the distractions of allegations to the point of forgetting about what this is really all about, sweet baby James being caught in the crossfire of misguided rage and unwarranted attacks."

31. Well Said

Well Said
He finished things up with "James says no more. So it must be."

32. So, So Much

So, So Much
So there's an awful lot to unpack in all of that, right?

33. Interesting

One important thing to note is that the things he's saying here are really ringing true for several survivors of domestic abuse -- lots of people are saying that his description of feeling anxious just by going home are very relatable.

34. Also Interesting

Also Interesting
And if you've kept up with Teen Mom OG, you've probably seen that his demeanor has changed since he started appearing on the show, just as he said here.

35. Dang

And of course we can't forget his claim that she's back on drugs, specifically hydrocodone -- that would probably be a gamechanger for pretty much everything, right?

36. Really Though, What Next?

Really Though, What Next?
Whatever ends up happening, we're glad that Andrew seems to be taking such good care of James now and making sure to do what's in his best interest.

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