Josh & Anna Duggar Offer Rare Look Inside Arkansas Home Where He Impregnates Her Constantly and Probably Went on Ashley Madison

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It's the end of an era in Razorback country!

We learned this week that Josh and Anna Duggar are selling their Arkansas home.

This is the house that their five children have called home for most of their lives, so it's kind of a big deal.

Are Josh and Anna getting divorced? Are they preparing to welcome a sixth child?

Join us as we explore these questions and take a nosy glimpse inside the home of the Duggar family's most scandalous couple:

1. The Happy Family

The Happy Family
Despite some major ups and downs in recent years, sources say Josh and Anna have reached a good place in their marriage.

2. Tough Times

Tough Times
The couple's marriage was threatened, of course, not only by the child molestation allegations against Josh, but also by the revelation that he used a dating website to try and cheat on Anna.

3. The Rebuilding Process

The Rebuilding Process
Josh went away to a faith-based rehab center for sex addicts. Shortly after his return, Anna became pregnant with the couple's fifth child.

4. Moving On

Moving On
Now, Josh and Anna are selling the 2-acres in Siloam Springs, Arkansas that they've called home for the past four years. And fans can't help but wonder why ...

5. Holding Out Hope

The number one theory is that Josh and Anna are getting divorced.

6. Wishful Thinking

This seems unlikely, as divorce is strictly forbidden in the Duggars' world -- and Anna has already stuck by Josh's side through so much.

7. A New Addition?

A New Addition?
Some fans are convinced that Josh and Anna are seeking out a larger home because they're preparing to welcome a sixth child.

8. A Fresh Start

A Fresh Start
Others believe Josh and Anna are looking for a fresh start in a home without so many bad memories.

9. Sneaking a Peek

Whatever the case, the sale has offered us the opportunity to take a look inside Josh and Anna's sprawling home.

10. The Yard

The Yard
The "updated farmhouse" features rolling hills, a big porch, and of course -- a giant American flag.

11. The Living Room

The Living Room
Swankier than expected, right? Looks like Anna has quite an eye for interior design.

12. The Kitchen

The Kitchen
It might look oversized, but feeding five kids is no easy task!

13. The Dining Room

The Dining Room
Charmingly old school! Although, the Target-ass wall hanging that just says "FARM" is a little uninspired.

14. Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom
This is where the magic happens. And in Josh and Anna's case, "the magic" is lots of crying.

15. Bathroom

They probably find it sinful and pray for forgiveness afterward, but even Duggars need to use the bathroom.

16. Kids' Room

Kids' Room
We're assuming there's more than one. Cramming five kids in one room would be bonkers even by Duggar standards.

17. Backyard

It may not look like much, but we're sure Josh and Anna's offspring had plenty of good times here.

18. It's a Steal!

It's a Steal!
So there you have it! For just $300,000, this piece of television history can be yours.

19. The Catch

Of course, Josh was fired from his family's reality show several years ago, so no TV was ever filmed here, and there's that whole thing about the place being haunted by the ghost of a thousand bad memories -- but did we mention it's 2 acres?

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