Ryan Edwards "Going Through Hell" in Jail: Source Reveals Scary Details

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It's been almost two months since Ryan Edwards was taken into police custody in his native Tennessee.

Edwards was arrested for heroin possession and skipping out on a bar tab, both violations of his probation from previous possession arrests.

Ryan will remain behind bars at least until the time of his trial on April 15.

And it seems like the former Teen Mom OG star is struggling mightily in his new role as inmate.

Take a look:

1. The Downward Spiral

The Downward Spiral
Just weeks after his latest stint in rehab, Edwards was arrested for heroin possession and probation violation.

2. Doin' Time

Doin' Time
Edwards has been arrested numerous times in the past 18 months, but this is his longest stint behind bars to date.

3. What the Future Holds

What the Future Holds
He might be released on April 15, which is when his trial is set to begin.

4. Or Not ...

Or Not ...
But he might be sentenced to even more time behind bars. And it seems the troubled reality star is having a hard time coming to terms with that fact ...

5. Just the Beginning

Just the Beginning
Ryan has only been locked up since January 23, but sources say he's already struggling to make it through every day behind bars.

6. Ryan's Hell

Ryan's Hell
According to several lawsuits filed by former inmates, Hamilton County Jail has a history of mistreating inmates.

7. A Day In the Life

A Day In the Life
Radar Online has obtained and published the details of several of these lawsuits, and while they certainly don't paint a complete picture of life in HCJ, they provide some insight into the conditions Ryan is dealing with.

8. Hard Time

Hard Time
An inmate named Nolan Lucas recently filed suit, claiming he had been harassed by guards while serving a 90-day sentence in Hamilton.

9. An Ugly Experience

An Ugly Experience
“You are sweating. Are you sure nobody is under the blanket sucking on your neck?” a guard reportedly shouted at Lucas when he declined a razor.

10. Tell It to the Judge

Tell It to the Judge
Lucas says the encounter left him feeling “humiliated, embarrassed and harassed.” He claimed the comments “violate the sexual harassment clause," but his case was eventually dismissed.

11. Dietary Restrictions

Dietary Restrictions
Another inmate claims he was forced to subsist on cold food and was never served a hot meal because he's a diabetic.

12. Well, It Is Jail ...

Well, It Is Jail ...
“Because of that, I have had heartburn very bad,” the complaint read. “I am a diabetic and because of that I’ve been served cold food trays while the other inmates are served hot food trays.”

13. We're Sensing a Pattern

We're Sensing a Pattern
The inmate complained that his meals “do not meet the nationally recommended dietary allowances for the basic nutrition," but his case was also dismissed.

14. Well, That's No Good ...

Well, That's No Good ...
Another inmate alleged that he was denied access to proper medical care.

15. Scary Stuff

Scary Stuff
“The Defendants' intentional, malicious acts and practices caused him to suffer unnecessary and unwanted infliction of pain, violating personal liberty rights and mental anguish, and inadequate medical care,” the court documents read.

16. You Know Where This Is Going

You Know Where This Is Going
That case was also dismissed.

17. Yikes

In perhaps the most egregious complaint obtained by Radar, an inmate says he was held well past his release date.

18. Good Time

Good Time
“Hamilton County and Silverdale said my out-date was February 12, 2018,” the complaint reads. “My out-date was changed to March 4, 2018, which puts me at 5 months day for day not including any good time I had been receiving.”

19. Prediction

That case is still pending, but if we had to guess, we'd say it's gonna be dismissed.

20. The Point

The Point
In all likelihood, there are complaints like this on file for most jails. But they serve as a reminder that Ryan's not doing his time in some cushy Club Fed. And if he has complaints about his time after he's released, he'll have a tough time seeking legal recourse.

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