Jo Rivera Threatens Kailyn Lowry: I'll See You in Court!

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More baby daddy drama for Kailyn Lowry!

But this time it's from an unexpected source.

As you may know, Kailyn Lowry took her sons to Hawaii for a month over the summer. 

Sounds like a dream come true -- but apparently, Jo Rivera considered the situation was a waking nightmare.

Jo says he never approved Kail's decision to bring their son Isaac to Hawaii, and he argues that Lowry violated their custody arrangement by doing so.

It's an ugly situation made all the more shocking by the fact that Kail and Jo have managed to amicably co-parent for most of the past decade.

Was Lowry wrong to take her son on a once-in-a-lifetime vacation without his father's permission?

Take a look at the facts and decide for yourself:


1. Kail and the Kids

Kail and the Kids
No doubt about it -- Kail takes her kids on some very cool vacations. But when she does so without their fathers' permission she wanders into some murky ethical waters.

2. Making It Work

Making It Work
For the better part of a decade, Kail and Jo Rivera have managed to prioritize their son's happiness over their own petty differences.

3. Island Time

Island Time
However, when Kail took her entire brood to Hawaii over the summer, Jo became deeply upset, and he even went so far as to threaten legal action.

4. Kail Clash

The storyline was featured on Tuesday night's episode of Teen Mom 2, as Kail returned from Hawaii and filled a friend in on the drama she experienced during her time in the islands.

5. Late Night Correspondence

Late Night Correspondence
"I got the text at like 2:30 in the morning on the 4th of July," she explained to her friend

6. No Accident

No Accident
The date was significant, as Jo was supposed to have custody of Isaac on Independence Day, and he planned to take the boy to a family party.

7. See You Soon!

See You Soon!
"Happy 4th of July, coming by at 9 to get Isaac. See you soon," read the text from Jo that Kail shared with her friend.

8. Passive Addressive Tendencies

Passive Addressive Tendencies
"He knew I was already in Hawaii, for three days I had been posting it," she explained.

9. An Ugly Situation

An Ugly Situation
"You know, [Jo's wife] Vee knew, everyone knew. I said, 'Sorry we're not home, he's safe and sound.' Jo goes, 'He's supposed to be with me today, 9-5,'" Kail said of the situation.

10. Keeping Her Cool

Keeping Her Cool
"Well, I decided it was in his best interest to be with me and his brothers today," Lowry recalled replying.

11. Jo's Not Happy

Jo's Not Happy
"I asked to have my son today," Jo replied. "You agreed to that when you signed the custody agreement. Back to courtroom, see you there."

12. Cliffhanger

Kail then explained that that was the last she heard from Jo before returning home. "So I don't know if he filed for contempt of court," she told her friend.

13. Settling Their Differences

Settling Their Differences
Obviously, Jo was not pleased, but it seems he did not file charges against Kail. Unfortunately, that wasn't the end of her baby daddy drama on last night's episode.

14. Lux Life

Lux Life
The episode saw Kail preparing for a birthday party for Lux, her 2-year-old son with Chris.

15. A Change of Pace

A Change of Pace
Interestingly, she told a friend that her relationship with Lopez was going well in the run-up to the party.

16. An Uneasy Peace

An Uneasy Peace
"Things are fine, we're getting along," she said of Lux's dad. Unfortunately, complications regarding the party very nearly threatened that peace.

17. Reclusive Chris

Reclusive Chris
Unlike most Teen Mom baby daddies, Lopez has no interest in appearing on the show. And since Kail hoped to have Lux's party filmed by MTV, that could have created problems.

18. Um ... Why?

Um ... Why?
"If one camera points in his direction, he's going to spit on them," Lowry told her friend.

19. Close Call

Close Call
Fortunately, the party went off without a hitch, and Chris was able to attend without being filmed.

20. The Bigger Issue

The Bigger Issue
That's all well and good for now, but these problems are bound to arise again. Here's hoping that if Kail decides to have a fourth kid, she selects a more chill sperm donor.

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