Jenelle Evans Rushed to Hospital: Is David Eason to Blame?!

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Earlier this week, Jenelle Evans was rushed to a North Carolina hospital to undergo emergency surgery.

Evans is typically quite vocal about every aspect of her personal life, but aside from one brief mention in a now-deleted Instagram story, Jenelle has kept mum about this frightening incident.

Obviously, Evans has made quite a few enemies on social media over the years, but even her harshest critics are eager for reassurance that the crisis has been averted, and she's recovering according to schedule.

At the moment, rumors abound as to why Jenelle has been so uncharacteristically quiet about her latest health crisis.

Here's what we know about this scary -- and very mysterious -- situation thus far:

1. A Difficult Week

A Difficult Week
The surgery marks Jenelle's second trip to the hospital in less than a week. Just days ago, she took son Kaiser in to have his adenoids removed.

2. Ups and Downs

Ups and Downs
The good news is, Kaiser has made a full recovery. The bad news is, it wasn't long before Jenelle was forced to undergo treatment of her own.

3. Recovery

According to Radar Online, Jenelle was unexpectedly hospitalized and forced to undergo an "invasive" sinus surgery on Monday.

4. Worse Than Expected?

Worse Than Expected?
“She was supposed to have her sinuses drained, and now they’re doing a more invasive procedure,” an insider tells the outlet.

5. An Unusual Condition

An Unusual Condition
Sinus conditions that necessitate emergency surgeries are rather rare in young women. That fact, combined with Jenelle's silence on the subject, has led to widespread speculation on Twitter.

6. The Ugly Truth?

The Ugly Truth?
Many who pay close attention to Jenelle's social media posts believe there's reason to suspect she was a victim of domestic violence.

7. Drama on the Land

Drama on the Land
On Monday, a friend of Nathan Griffith's named Dolph Ryan implied that he had sex with Jenelle before she met her husband, David Eason.

8. An Unstable Partner

An Unstable Partner
David has a history of violent behavior, and he's exhibited extreme jealousy toward Jenelle's exes in the past.

9. Caught By Surprise

Caught By Surprise
The theory goes that Eason was unaware of his wife's past dalliance with Ryan, and he flew into a rage upon hearing the news.

10. David's Rage

David's Rage
Many who have been monitoring the situation closely are now convinced that David broke Jenelle's nose, and the sinus surgery story was merely a cover-up.

11. An Attempted Deflection?

An Attempted Deflection?
Some have suggested that Jenelle's current spat with Teen Mom 2 co-star Kailyn Lowry is part of an attempt to distract from David's attack.

12. The Dolph Theory

The Dolph Theory
The consensus on Twitter is that David's outburst was a direct result of Dolph's recent tweets about sleeping with Jenelle.

13. Dolph's Bombshell

Dolph's Bombshell
Ryan tweeted the allegation on Monday in response to David's repeated online attacks against Nathan Griffith.

14. The Cover-Up

The Cover-Up
There's little doubt amongst Teen Mom 2 fans that Jenelle's surgery story is bogus, and that some sort of violent incident took place on the Land this week.

15. Caught In a Lie?

Caught In a Lie?
Those with knowledge of medical procedures say it's virtually impossible that Jenelle would've been forced to undergo an emergency sinus surgery.

16. What's Really Going On Here?

What's Really Going On Here?
While no one wishes Jenelle any harm, very few believe she's being upfront about why she was hospitalized. (UBT stands for "Uncle Bad Touch," one of the internet's many nicknames for Eason.)

17. The Truth

The Truth
Jenelle has engaged in her fair share of abusive behavior over the years, but that doesn't make the idea of her being a victim of abuse any less horrific. Many are eager to find out the truth behind this situation, but that may be a long time coming.

18. A United Front

A United Front
Jenelle and David have gone to great lengths to protect themselves and one another from criminal investigations in the past, and there's no reason to believe this situation will be any different.

19. Hoping For the Best

Hoping For the Best
Whatever the case, we hope Jenelle was able to get the medical attention she needed -- and we hope she'll soon be able to extricate herself if she's in a dangerous situation.

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