Jinger Duggar Wears Pants, Duggar Nation Loses Mind Again

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Jinger Vuolo has officially shocked the world once again with her choice of attire during a recent outing in her new home state of Texas.

If you thought that it couldn't get any more jarring than that photo of Jinger Duggar in shorts, which we saw a few weeks ago, well ...

Grab a hat and hold the f--k onto it.

Jinger Duggar Vuolo Smile

These days, Duggar fans are anxiously pining for the inevitable announcement that Jinger Duggar is pregnant with her first child.

In the meantime, the 23-year-old wild child (by Duggar standards) continues to produce news that is as big, if not bigger than that.

Jinger’s older sister, Jessa Duggar, took to Facebook to post photos of a trip to Texas that she and her sisters took to see Jinger.

In Jessa's pictures, she is seen holding baby Henry Wilberforce, along with sister Jana Duggar, family friend Sierra, and others.

One picture, however, features Jinger Duggar, and fans were immediately struck by the fact that she is dressed differently than usual.

Yep. Instead of the modest dresses or skirts that she has been wearing her whole life, Jinger can be seen sporting a pair of pants.


Jinger Duggar Pants

Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo have married five months, and in that time, when it comes to her clothing choices, she is breaking free of tradition.

As you can see above, Jessa and Jana continue to abide by the family's long-established dress code of dresses and long skirts, always.

Not Jinger. Not anymore.

Just last month, Jinger was seen donning a pair of shorts - even more unheard of than pants - in a picture with Jeremy Vuolo and a fan.

This isn't to say Jinger is somehow immodest - her style of dress is still conservative and appropriate - but she's come out of her shell.

Small as it may be, this sign of rebellion is significant in that it shows she's choosing to do things her own way now that she is married.

Jinger Duggar Shorts

It's also notable that Jessa has not changed anything since she married Ben Seewald, and in fact, hopes to impart her wisdom onto others.

Jessa is teaching a seminar in modest dress for young women, looking to inspire them to follow this facet of the Duggars' way of life.

It's every woman's responsibility, the Duggars are taught from a young age, to ensure that they don't tempt men into engaging in sex.

That means covering up around the clock (even in the pool, as this Jessa Duggar swimsuit photo shows) so you don't stir up any passions.

Jessa is scheduled to give a speech at the Middletown Ladies Retreat in Ohio next week on this topic, entitled "Fashionably Modest."

Men and girls under the age of nine are not allowed.

Jessa Duggar Swimsuit Photo

Besides the revelation that Jinger was wearing pants, fans hoping for a hint of a baby bump may be let down, as there was no giveaway.

Standing sideways, she could possibly be hiding something, but she could also not be expecting. It's only been five months of marriage.

Normally, that would not be considered a long time, but these are the Duggars we're talking about. Procreation is where it's at.

In any case, if she does break out the maternity hand-me-downs soon, Jinger can be counted on (heh, heh) to dress adorably.

She loves fashion, and doing her own thing within reason (see pants and shorts), so her pregnancy wardrobe should be fun to observe.

We still give it like six more months though.

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