Jeremy Roloff Confesses to "Rough" Stretch in Marriage, Thinks He Has a Solution

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There is stunning trouble in what we presumed to have been paradise.

Earlier this week, Audrey Roloff admitted - via a lengthy and emotional Instagram post - that she and husband Jeremy were going through a difficult stretch in their marriage.

As far as we know, this is the first time Audrey has ever really said such a thing.

She typically uses her social media platform to gush over her man and her marriage and even to offer advice to other wives and spouses around the world.

So, what has changed? What is the matter at the moment? And how does Jeremy feel about things?

Scroll down to find out!

1. Wait, THIS Marriage is in Trouble?

Wait, THIS Marriage is in Trouble?
Sort of. No one is using the word "divorce" or anything, but Audrey and Jeremy are both confessiong to a few major issues at the moment.

2. Stunning, Right?

Stunning, Right?
Jeremy and Audrey got married in September of 2014 and welcomed a baby girl almost exactly three years later. Her name is Ember and she's adorable.

3. They Seem Perfect for Each Other

They Seem Perfect for Each Other
We truly can't think of a single fight they had during their time on Little People, Big World. Since leaving that series, they've started a podcast together and even co-wrote a memoir about, you guessed it, love and relationships.

4. So... What the Heck Has Happened?

So... What the Heck Has Happened?
Nothing specific. But Audrey recently shared an Instagram post that outlined surprising "communication" issues between the couple. She makes them sound pretty serious.

5. Where to Begin...?

Where to Begin...?
"To be honest, the last few weeks have been hard on our marriage," Audrey shared on June 26 via Instagram, adding: "We have been working through some things and let’s just say there has been a lot of “heated fellowship,” morning hugs missed, and date nights postponed. We are overworked and exhausted from the pace we’ve been running for too long."

6. The Couple Quit Little People, Big World in 2018...

The Couple Quit Little People, Big World in 2018...
... but have actually been even busier ever since, especially when it comes to finishing their memoir and then going on a book tour.

7. This Schedule Has Taken a Toll on Their Marriage

This Schedule Has Taken a Toll on Their Marriage
Continued Audrey: "We know we need to slow down, but as Dallas Willard puts it, “we intend what is right, but we avoid the life that would make it a reality.” Instead, we keep running, keep pushing, keep producing and keep squeezing all the margin out of our lives. It’s robbing our joy, stealing our peace, and hindering our ability to love."

8. She Continued:

She Continued:
"If you’ve ever looked at or read a post from us and thought “They must just have it all together.” Volume up for this one....WE DON’T."

9. Things Have Not Been Easy

Things Have Not Been Easy
"We fight, struggle, cry, and face challenges just like anyone," added Audrey, honing in on her social media profile as follows: "I’m saying this here because if you look at my Instagram feed from the past 3 weeks you don’t see the long tearful conversations, the hurtful remarks, the compiling complaints, the critical spirits, the prideful inner dialogue, or our unloving and disrespectful attitudes. You don’t see the full picture.⁣"

10. How Have They Solved This?

How Have They Solved This?
They haven't, but... "a few nights ago we went for an evening drive to talk through some struggles and we stumbled upon a trestle...," she continued in this post.

11. Relying on a Higher Power

Relying on a Higher Power
"It was like God knew we needed something that would force us both to smile," Audrey added.

12. She Included a Photo of Herself Smiling with Jeremy, But...

She Included a Photo of Herself Smiling with Jeremy, But...
"Although you can’t tell by the photo, this wasn’t a happy night. I cried shortly after we snapped this photo. I’m saying this because I don’t want you to be deceived by the highlight reel that is “the gram.” We all have a messy behind the scenes reality. ALL OF US."

13. The Internet is Not Real Life

The Internet is Not Real Life
We do love this message from Roloff: "Even the people you follow on social media who seem to be the most “real.” Even they have struggles they don’t share, and hurts the don’t publicize. We all do. And that’s ok! But that also means we need to remind ourselves when we’re scrolling this space that it’s not real life."

14. As for Her Conclusion?

As for Her Conclusion?
"So friend, if you’re comparing your life, marriage, kids, house, job, body, etc. to what you see on Instagram, remember it’s NOT the full picture. And I just want to remind ya, you are enough. You are beautifully and wonderfully made. And you are loved."

15. Where Does Jeremy Stand on All This?

Where Does Jeremy Stand on All This?
"If you’re anything like me, communication, and expressing my emotions doesn’t come very easily," he opened his own Instagram message on this topic. "It’s something I need to work on. It’s been a rough few weeks (which is not what you see on Instagram) and we’ve needed communication more than ever."

16. Go On, Jer...

Go On, Jer...
"In fact, one of the reasons I think we’ve been having a hard time (besides being overworked) is that we got out of our weekly habit of communicating and expressing our thoughts. Book tour messed up our schedule quite a bit and we’ve just been “off” since."

17. What Are They Doing About This?

What Are They Doing About This?
"So, 2 weeks ago we started back up our Marriage Journal rhythm. It’s helped us identify what’s wrong and the next the steps we’re going to take, because we actually spent intentional time connecting, communicating, and writing things down."

18. Wait, What?

Wait, What?
Is Jeremy using his alleged marital strife to shill for a product he and Audrey are selling?

19. Yes!

Jeremy then posted a photo of The Marriage Journal that he and his wife have trademarked.

20. This is Very Weird, right?

This is Very Weird, right?
"The Marriage Journal™️ has seriously been the gift that keeps on giving to our marriage," Jeremy added.

21. In Jeremy's Conclusion?

In Jeremy's Conclusion?
"So, we’re going to continue processing the speed in which we run and take a hard look at the lifestyle we want and what we’re doing to live it. Thanks everyone for the sentiments."

22. We Wish These Two the Best

We Wish These Two the Best
But we wish they'd keep their business interests out of their personal issues when speaking on the latter in public.

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