Jenni Farley: Ex-BF Tom Lippolis Arrested For Messing with Her AGAIN!

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Jenni Farley, our beloved JWoww, is going through a rough time right now.

She's divorcing her husband, Roger Mathews, and the divorce is getting extra nasty.

Like, nasty enough to require a restraining order.

On top of that, she's raising two small children, one with special needs, and it's just got to be a lot to deal with, right?

So of course it's prime time for her gross ex, Tom Lippolis, to come back into the picture.

Tom just got arrested for trying to weasel his way back into Jenni's life, just in time for Christmas.

What a gem he is ...

1. Poor JWoww

Poor JWoww
JWoww is an absolute darling, and she's provided us with so many years of such quality reality television. She deserves only good things.

2. Alas ...

Alas ...
But goodness knows that's not what she's getting.

3. Dang It, Roger

Dang It, Roger
For the past few months, we've been hearing all about JWoww's divorce with Roger Mathews, the guy she originally met on Jersey Shore and the father of her two children.

4. What a Mess

What a Mess
She filed for divorce in September, he kept talking about how he was going to win her back, and they did seem to get back together for a while.

5. Uh Oh

Uh Oh
But earlier this month, they got into an argument about how much she works, and things escalated so much that she got a restraining order against him and police escorted him away from their home.

6. Hmmm ...

Hmmm ...
Roger has said a whole, whole lot of things about the incident, and about Jenni. The gist of it is that she's a drama monster who is trying to keep him from their children because she may be the actual devil.

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