Jenelle Evans and David Eason Take Gun to Court, Get Told Off by Judge

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Jenelle Evans life has been worse than a soap opera this month.

Mostly because soap operas tend to stick with cheating lovers and family feuds the occasional poisoning.

We haven't heard of a daytime drama featuring a brutal dog murder followed by four emergency custody cases.

And that's what's happening for Jenelle these days.

But even in these dark, dark times, it seems that she and David Eason are still acting like fools.

Shocker, right?

1. The Beginning

The Beginning
You know how this all started, but for continuity's sake, let's recap: a few weeks ago, David Eason beat and killed Jenelle's tiny little French bulldog, Nugget, because it nipped at Ensley. You know, like untrained dogs being harassed by children will do.

2. A Genuine Monster

A Genuine Monster
Ensley was obviously home at the time, as was Kaiser and Maryssa, David's stepdaughter, and they were reportedly traumatized by the incident, which is definitely understandable.

3. Gross

Although Jenelle made a big deal about leaving to stay with a friend for a few days, and although she sold some stories about how she was considering divorce, she was back home with him before the week was over.

4. Justice, Please?

Justice, Please?
Thankfully police weren't so quick to forget what happened -- they opened an investigation into David, and they quickly decided to take action to protect the kids.

5. Kaiser, Check

Kaiser, Check
A detective advised CPS to remove Jenelle and David's children from their custody, and so last week, they called Nathan and had him pick Kaiser up from preschool.

6. Jace, Check

Jace, Check
Jenelle doesn't have custody of Jace, so all CPS had to do there was let Barbara know that he shouldn't go for a visit.

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