Jenelle Evans to Kailyn Lowry: Better Run 'Cause I'm Coming For You, You Crazy Bish!!

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Most reality shows begin to show signs of fatigue around the sixth or seventh season.

But the ladies of Teen Mom 2 deliver the high-stakes drama so consistently, that we're thinking they should just stream their entire lives online 24/7, Truman Show-style.

Fortunately, most of them have a tendency to overshare on social media, so we're rarely out of the loop.

Lately, most of the drama has surrounded David Eason's rapid decline, complete with guns, assault accusations, and increasingly errratic behavior.

But lately, the vortex created by David's downward spiral has become so powerful that's been dragging down his wife and her co-stars -- and reigniting some ugly old feuds.

Take a look:

1. Former Friends

Former Friends
Every time we talk about the feud between Jenelle Evans and Kailyn Lowry, we have to mention that these two were close friends just a few short years ago.

2. Another Lifetime

Another Lifetime
Those days are long gone, of course, and the ongoing rivalry between Kail and Jenelle has only been exacerbated by Evans' tumultuous marriage to David Eason.

3. David Drama

David Drama
In case you've remained blissfully unaware, David has been off the rails in a big way lately.

4. Tempting Fate

Tempting Fate
In recent weeks, it's seemed as though David has been doing everything in his power to get himself arrested and his wife fired from Teen Mom 2.

5. This Effing Guy

This Effing Guy
This has included (allegedly) assaulting Jenelle, threatening elected officials (including the president) while boasting about his gun collection, and butting heads with the Secret Service when agents paid him a visit because of said threats.

6. The Thirst Is Real

David's desperation for attention has become so severe that he's taken to posting YouTube videos in which he performs illegal "stunts" such as towing a stranger's car without permission.

7. Whatever

Bold move for a guy who's constantly fighting custody battles and was visited by CPS more than 20 times last year, but we digress.

8. The Kail Factor

The Kail Factor
And what does all of this have to do with Kail? Well, David has always harbored a strange obsession with his wife's co-star.

9. No Comment

No Comment
Kail generally refrains from commenting on David's idiocy unless she has real reason to believe that he's endangering his wife and kids.

10. Speaking Out

Speaking Out
Recently, however, Kail seized an opportunity to speak in her own defense.

11. Taking a Stand

Taking a Stand
Last week, The Ashley's Reality Roundup revealed that several Teen Mom 2 crew members are refusing to film on Jenelle's property for fear that David will make good on one of his violent threats;

12. For Safety's Sake

For Safety's Sake
One source says the crew is "refusing" to work on Jenelle's shoots "because they're afraid of her husband."

13. Scary Stuff

"There have been multiple discussions among various crew member groups about the possibility of him coming to a location where we’re filming and opening fire if he's in a bad mood or something, even if it's just to scare us," says the source.

14. Solidarity

Kail made it clear that she stands by the crew and their decision.

15. Safety In Numbers

Safety In Numbers
"I will not be attending any type of reunion on the same day or weekend as Jenelle & David for the same reasons," Lowry tweeted in response to The Ashley's article.

16. A Major Step

A Major Step
David has been fired from the show for nearly a year, but crew members and co-stars banding together against Jenelle could easily be the final straw for producers, who have reportedly been eager for any excuse to terminate Evans' contract.

17. Going Off

Going Off
"And you think David would risk losing EVERYTHING over 'having a bad day?' Lose his family, house, wife, kids .. forever? Get the F--K out of here," Jenelle wrote on Instagram.

18. Um ... Yes?

Um ... Yes?
We know that was supposed to be a rhetorical question, but we absolutely believe David is crazy enough to do exactly that.

19. Misdirected Rage

Misdirected Rage
From there, Jenelle turned her attention to Kail.

20. Classy

"Then you got this dumb c--t tweeting about me again to make herself relevant ... All you have to worry about is ME babygirl," Jenelle wrote.

21. Sound Strategy

Sound Strategy
She never mentioned Lowry by name, but her intent was clear. Nothing like a violent threat when you're trying to convince the world how sane and stable you are.

22. Not Taking the Bait

Not Taking the Bait
Fortunately, Kail has yet to respond to Jenelle's latest lunacy, and it's looking as though she'll keep it that way.

23. Meanwhile...

Cheyenne Floyd's baby daddy Cory Wharton has challenged David to a boxing match, but Eason responded the way he always does ...

24. Running Scared

Running Scared
He talked a bunch of trash from the safety of his own home, and said he would only fight Cory on HIS property ... surrounded by his guns. What a badass.

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