Farrah Abraham Goes Buck in Singapore: Did Sophia Take Eye-Popping Pic?!

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Farrah Abraham is a mess in a whole, whole lot of ways.

Too many, honestly.

But as awful as she is, one thing you have to give her is that she never stops finding new and exciting ways to terrorize the world.

Is that a good thing?

Not really, but it sure is impressive!

Check out the latest horrible thing she's done, and prepare to be shocked and amazed by just how low she'll go to get some attention!

1. Ugh

At this point, Farrah has sort of transcended her original Teen Mom stardom -- she's a trashy D-list (at best) celebrity that most people are at least a little familiar with.

2. Sorry

But still, we can't forget where she got her start.

3. So Unfortunate

So Unfortunate
And that's because we can't forget that she's a mom. That one fact just really takes how terrible she is to a whole new level, don't you think?

4. A Disaster

A Disaster
Because the fact that Farrah Abraham is solely responsible for a child's upbringing is just too wild.

5. The Facts

The Facts
If we're being honest, she hasn't done too great a job at raising poor little Sophia.

6. Sorry, Girl

Like, good parents don't pull their children out of school to homeschool them when they can't even manage to string a sentence together properly.

7. Yeah, We Said It

Yeah, We Said It
Good parents don't try to wax and tweeze their toddler's eyebrows.

8. Save Sophia

Do good parents leave their babies unsupervised on tall beds, by staircases, and in baths? Nope, but you bet your bottom dollar Farrah did all those things and more.

9. Yikes

And as Sophia gets older -- she's nine now -- Farrah is finding new and disturbing ways to screw that poor child up.

10. Don't, Please

Don't, Please
Remember when Farrah got some butt injections and she had Sophia film it? That can't be super healthy.

11. But Why

But Why
Or how about all those times that Farrah drags Sophia out to adult events all over the world? Why can't she just stay home and play with Barbies or whatever?

12. Eww, No

Eww, No
If you keep up with Farrah, you probably remember one particularly bizarre interview in which she revealed that she and Sophia hang out naked together, and that the take photos of each other naked and save them on their phones.

13. Uh Oh ...

Uh Oh ...
Does that make you uncomfortable to hear? Well, buckle up, buttercups, because things are about to get a whole lot weirder.

14. Totally Natural

Totally Natural
Right now, Farrah and Sophia are in Singapore, and Farrah shared this photo of herself completely buck arse naked in some fancy tub with rose petals all in it.

15. Be Cool, Everybody

Be Cool, Everybody
She used one of the petals to cover a nipple, and the water is pretty cloudy, so you can't see everything but still, it's a nude photo.

16. Something to Consider

Something to Consider
Some people thought the photo was hot, but lots of people took issue with it for one specific reason: there's a pretty decent chance that Sophia is the one who took the photo.

17. Poor Kid

Poor Kid
"Did Sophia take this pic per usual?" one of Farrah's followers asked. "That poor kid. Someone report her to DSS please."

18. Shame, Shame

Shame, Shame
Another person wrote "Sophia is quite the photographer. Shame on you doing this in front of her.."

19. Happy New Year, Indeed

Happy New Year, Indeed
"Happy new year Sophia and now take a pic of my boobs. Poor little girl. 2019 started of bad already," read another comment.

20. Well ...

Well ...
Tons of people asked if Sophia took the photo, or told Farrah that this was a bad example to set for her, or asked for child protective services to get involved ... you know, the usual.

21. Oh No

Oh No
But we found some proof that Sophia most likely really was the one to take this photo ... and how uncomfortable is that?

22. Solving the Mystery

Solving the Mystery
Right around the same time that Farrah shared her photo, this photo was shared on Sophia's own Instagram.

23. The Clues

The Clues
It's the same tub, obviously, but let's break this down a little more.

24. Um ...

Um ...
If you take a look at that little table by the tub, you can see the same flowers and the same plate of food are in both photos.

25. Clocks Don't Lie

Clocks Don't Lie
There's also a clock, and if you look, you can see that the photos were taken just about 20 minutes apart.

26. It Gets Worse

It Gets Worse
In the comments on Sophia's photo, some people seem to think that they were taking a bath together, or that they shared bath water at least, which is ... well, it's something.

27. Also This

Also This
Others speculated that they're only in Singapore in the first place because Farrah is escorting there, but that's a whole different issue for a whole different day, OK?

28. There It Is

There It Is
It's just ... how likely is it that there was another person in their room that just hung out while they were both taking baths? And if there was, that's still pretty creepy, right?

29. Case Closed

Case Closed
All the clues point to Sophia taking a nude, seductive photo of Farrah, then posing for her own more age appropriate photo in the same tub.

30. Real Talk

Real Talk
As someone on Twitter explained it, "When you compare Farrah’s pic with all the rose pedals with Sophia’s pic with the rose pedals, it’s becoming clear that Sophia is being molded into a little Farrah. Hang on, people. It’s going to become worse."

31. A Plea

A Plea
Can Farrah at least try to become a decent mother now? Please?

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