Jenelle Evans Rips "Porn Star" Farrah Abraham, Threatens to Quit For 800th Time

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Realistically, how many times can Jenelle Evans threaten to leave Teen Mom 2 before she actually does it, or before MTV has enough and fires her?

As of right now, it looks like that can happen infinity times.

This girl really loves "quitting" the show for any old reason, but so far, she's obviously never gone through with it.

And at this point, it feels like it's high time MTV calls her bluff.

At the very least, it feels like it's time for Farrah Abraham to step in and turn Jenelle's talking words into fighting words, after these statements Jenelle made about her ...

1. Well, Jenellllllle ...

Well, Jenellllllle ...
This is Jenelle Evans. She makes bad choices, almost exclusively.

2. The Worst

The Worst
It's hard to say what her worst choice has been, since she's made so very many, but lately, it's starting to feel more and more like getting with David Eason could be it.

3. So, SO Bad

So, SO Bad
David is controlling, many Teen Mom 2 fans think he could be abusive, and he's just not a great person. He proved that by making those horrific homophobic tweets that got him fired from the show.

4. Also, Balloons

Also, Balloons
And when talking about David's awfulness, we can never not mention the balloon incident, right? You know, that time he flipped out at an MTV event because no more alcohol was being served, then took out a pocket knife and stabbed some balloons near some crew members.

5. Ugh

David is just bad news, that's what we're getting at here.

6. Worth It?

Worth It?
So bad that he may end up being the reason Jenelle finally loses that sweet, sweet MTV gig.

7. Dang It, MTV

Dang It, MTV
See, the MTV Movie Awards happened over the weekend, but Jenelle didn't go because she was too busy making posts on social media in attempt to prove that her home life isn't an actual dumpster fire.

8. Oh Hey, Farrah!

Oh Hey, Farrah!
But you know who DID go? Farrah Abraham. She also brought her daughter, Sophia, along to walk the red carpet with her.

9. So Much Anger

So Much Anger
And for some reason, that really set Jenelle off.

10. There It Is!

There It Is!
The reason, it seems, is that Farrah is a "porn star" who was fired but still got an invite AND a plus one.

11. Too Aggravated, Dude

Too Aggravated, Dude
She quickly clarified that David wasn't allowed to go, meaning her issue is that Farrah was allowed to bring a guest, but she wasn't.

12. Come On, Girl

Come On, Girl
It's just ... does she really not understand the difference in Farrah bringing her child and her bringing her husband? Is it really that difficult to understand why one of those things may be OK while the other one isn't?

13. ... Seriously?

... Seriously?
If she does, then let's just remind her that David was fired, MTV has completely cut ties with him, and also he pulled at knife at the last network event he attended. That's probably why she didn't get to bring him.

14. DONE

After that quick little rant, Jenelle tweeted that she's "Done son." A lot of people are taking this to mean that, for the moment, at least, she's done with the show for their unfair treatment of her.

15. Good Riddance

Good Riddance
And, as you can see, no one is really all that broken up about the idea.

16. Later!

In fact, it seems like a lot of people are hoping she quits.

17. Savage

Can we take a moment to just admire this reply to Jenelle's nonsense? Just take it in.

18. Truth Time

Truth Time
One of Jenelle's biggest enemies, Kailyn Lowry, took the time to weigh in on the issue, tweeting "Everyone is freaking out about how the tm2 cast didn’t get plus 1 for movie awards... but Farrah brought Sophia. First of all, they always tell us someone can walk the carpet with us but not allowed inside after."

19. Real Talk

Real Talk
"And second," she added, "Farrah has gotten in and/or invited to way more other shows than us so that’s just the way it goes."

20. Well ...

Well ...
Kailyn definitely has a point: like it or not, Farrah is one of the biggest, if not THE biggest, celebrity from Teen Mom. And, as she points out, we don't know that Sophia attended the show, and it's obviously not a big deal that the little girl, who also starred on an MTV show, walked the red carpet.

21. Word from Chelsea

Word from Chelsea
Chelsea Houska commented on the situation too, revealing that her husband, Cole DeBoer, did get an invite to the awards show.

22. Hmm ...

Hmm ...
"Cole got it just husbands??" she asked. "Cause he didn’t get one when we were dating. Either way, we never really cared lol."

23. No Awards for Chelsea!

No Awards for Chelsea!
Regardless, she added, she's never been and doesn't plan on going -- when asked if she'd ever attended one of the awards shows, she replied "Me?? No! Maybe someday...but the thought of doing the carpet and everything gives me anxiety 😩 so idk!"

24. What a Mystery!

What a Mystery!
So let's see if we can crack this case, OK? Jenelle didn't get a plus one, and she's married to a bigoted creep who's been fired from Teen Mom 2. Kailyn didn't get one, but she's single and presumably knows she could bring one of her kids to the red carpet if she wanted, like Farrah did. Chelsea did get a plus one for Cole, who is her husband and also harmless and lovable. How could things have worked out like this?

25. Altogether Now ...

Altogether Now ...
IT'S BECAUSE DAVID IS AWFUL AND NO ONE WANTS HIM LURCHING DOWN A RED CARPET, TRYING TO BE CUTE. Come on, Jenelle, this isn't that difficult. Quit if you need to quit, but don't act like this is some unfathomable issue.

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