Leah Messer on Teen Mom 2: Yup, I Banged Jeremy Calvert!

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So... THAT happened on Teen Mom 2 this week.

With more controversy than ever swirling around the MTV series, the June 18 installment of this scandal-filled reality series walloped viewers over the head with yet another stunner on Monday night.

It involved Leah Messer, her ex-husband and sexual intercourse.

Intrigued? We thought you might be.

Scroll down for a full recap of the crazy events!

1. Relationship Rewind

Relationship Rewind
Messer and Calvert got married in April of 2012, about a year after Leah split from first husband Corey Simms.

2. Three Years Later...

Three Years Later...
... Jeremy filed for divorce. "You're blowing through money like f-cking water. I'm filing for divorce. I’m not f-cking around this time," he told Leah on an episode of Teen Mom 2 that aired in early 2015.

3. But Why?

But Why?
"Too many issues stressing me out," Jeremy told a friend way back then, saying he was "miserable" in the marriage and adding: "She takes prescription pills for her anxiety. I don’t know if that shit f-cks with her or what. It's obvious she has an addiction issue. I'm just done. She has no f-cking goals. I don't know what happened to the girl I fell in love with."

4. What About Adalynn?

What About Adalynn?
Leah and Jeremy are parents to a four-year old named Adalynn. The former has custody of the toddler, but Jeremy has remained in her life.

5. Do They Actually Have a Future Again?

Do They Actually Have a Future Again?
On last week's episode of Teen Mom 2, Jeremy expressed his affection for his ex-wife, apologizing for previous disparaging remarks and actually coming across like a caring human being.


"Jeremy also called me during the twins' birthday party. He was just letting me know that he regretted saying some things on TV that he didn’' mean to say,” Messer told friend Kayla on this latest installment. "One thing that he did say [at the time] was that he wished he'd never had a child with me. And then he was thanking me for being such a good mom to Addy... it was good to hear."

7. Oh, And Also:

Oh, And Also:
Leah slept with Jeremy a few months ago! She came right out and confessed as much on air, telling Kayla she had to hide walking to the car in the morning so his mom wouldn't see her leave. "I don’t feel anything," Leah insisted. "I don’t want to go down that road again."

8. Are Leah and Jeremy on the Same Page Now?

Are Leah and Jeremy on the Same Page Now?
It appears that way. They met this week and talked about hosting Addie's birthday party together. They also discussed how they hooked up a few months ago, which was f-cing awkward" for Jeremy. He joked about getting back together, and she said "don’t be crazy."

9. Would That Be Crazy?

Would That Be Crazy?
Jeremy said he may still have feelings for Leah and we previously documented how this could very much be the case.

10. Elsewhere This Week...

Elsewhere This Week...
Chelsea Houska at last told her daughter about her father drug problems, along with why she has to see him at a visitation center. Chelsea felt pretty good about the talk afterward.

11. The Saga of Adam Lind

The Saga of Adam Lind
Just last month, of course, Lind got arrested yet again.

12. Sorry About Your Dad, Kiddo

Sorry About Your Dad, Kiddo
"He’s just sick right now," Chelsea said she told her daughter. "I told her, 'Right now, I don't feel like it is safe for you to be around him unless it's at this place.'"

13. HOWEVER...

When Aubree went to visit Adam's parents, they essentially told her that everything Chelsea said was a lie, which made Chelsea mad beyond belief. "They obviously think that everythin'ss a lie and we're all just out to get Adam," she said in sadness and in anger.

14. What About Javi and Briana?

What About Javi and Briana?
Javi learned he was going to get deployed and told his sister he actually bought an engagement ring for Briana because he feared she would leave him otherwise.

15. There Was No Proposal...

There Was No Proposal...
... but this now-former couple DID get matching tattoos as a way to prove their perpetual love for each other. AWWWW, we guess.

16. Poor Kailyn

Poor Kailyn
She had to deal with Javi getting deployed AND with dropping little Lux off with Chris Lopez for the first time. "I feel like I'm handing him to a stranger," she said. "I'm going to throw up."

17. And THIS is Why David Eason Got Fired

And THIS is Why David Eason Got Fired
Okay, fine, he got fired for making homophobic remarks. But he also berated the ice president of the modular home company he and Jenelle used after he called the man because their home was sinking.

18. Just Go Away, Dude

Just Go Away, Dude
"You can take that idea and shove it up your ass," we heard David yell, as he added that the guy needed to "come back with (his) checkbook" and pay out of pocket for their house to be fixed. When Jenelle asked how it went, David just played it off like he had it all under control. This guy sucks.

19. Thanks for Reading!

Thanks for Reading!
Come back next week for another rundown of all the craziness!

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