Jenelle Evans Starts Therapy and Parenting Classes: Too Little, Too Late?

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May was SUCH a wild month for the Eason family, right?

We don't have much hope for June being much better, but after everything that's happened, it's hard to believe it can be much worse.

After all, it's not like Jenelle and David can re-lose custody of their kids, right?

Besides, thanks to a new report from TMZ, it looks like those two are finally starting the long, difficult process of fixing themselves.

Let's get into the details ...

1. What a Time

What a Time
Jenelle has never made good choices -- that's why she got her start on reality television in the first place.

2. So, So Sad

So, So Sad
But man, have things taken a seriously dark turn lately.

3. Ah, Memories

Ah, Memories
Remember when her lowest point was smoking weed with Kieffer and getting yelled at by Barbara?

4. So Bittersweet

So Bittersweet
Can we go back there please?

5. The Present

The Present
Unfortunately, Kieffer is currently in prison for building a meth lab, and Jenelle is married to David, the man who brutally killed her dog and totally destroyed her life.

6. Ugh

And, well, here we are.

7. Recap Time

Recap Time
As we all know so, so well at this point, David shot Jenelle's dog, Nugget, about a month ago after the poor little pup allegedly attacked Ensley.

8. Um ...

Um ...
David shared a photo of Ensley to show the damage Nugget had done, and, uh, here it is. Obviously the dog just nipped at the kid, but to David, the only answer was to beat and shoot the monster that did this to his baby.

9. Good

After the news got out, there was a huge uproar. MTV announced that they were ending their relationship with Jenelle and that they wouldn't be filming her for the new season, and police began investigating.

10. Enter CPS

Enter CPS
Shortly after police began looking into David, they got in touch with CPS, and shortly after that, they advised Nathan to pick Kaiser up from preschool because they didn't think it was safe for him to be home.

11. The Girls, Too

The Girls, Too
After that, Maryssa went to stay with her grandmother, and while Ensley went with her at first, eventually she was placed with Barbara so she'd be with a relative.

12. Not So Fast!

Not So Fast!
Jenelle and David went straight to court to get their kids back, but it did not work, and thank goodness for that.

13. For the Kids

For the Kids
After a few days in court reviewing everything, a judge decided to officially give temporary custody of the children to their current guardians.

14. The Next Steps

The Next Steps
Jenelle and David are scheduled to be in court again next week to figure out what they need to do to get their kids back -- some sites have reported that they'll be required to do counseling and drug tests, but others have reported that nothing's been decided yet.

15. Work Smart, Not Hard!

Work Smart, Not Hard!
But before they heard what they'd need to do to get the kids back, they decided to cut their workload in half by only going after the two youngest kids, Kaiser and Ensley.

16. SO Gross

SO Gross
Yep, according to a report from The Ashley's Reality Roundup, Jenelle and David had one of their supervised visits with all four children on Thursday, but it did not go great.

17. Heartbreaking

“Jenelle and David had a supervised visit at the visitation center with all four kids today,” a source told the site. “Jace and Ensley were there, as was Kaiser. Maryssa came but refused to see David so he left.”

18. Good Riddance

Good Riddance
David reportedly got upset that his oldest daughter didn't want anything to do with him, so “He said he’s done with Maryssa, and that she can stay with her grandmother for good."

19. Jace, Too

Jace, Too
Oh, and not only are they not seeking custody of Maryssa anymore, but they're also no longer interested in trying to get unsupervised visits with Jace.

20. What a Mess

What a Mess
It's downright disturbing, isn't it? They're just forgetting Maryssa and Jace -- many Teen Mom fans believe it's because since those are the older kids, they're the ones who have been describing details of the horrors of life out on the swamp to the judge or to CPS workers.

21. Not the Brightest

Not the Brightest
Either way, they have to realize that this isn't a good look -- or at least we'd hope they'd realize.

22. Parents of the Year

Parents of the Year
Do they honestly think their judge could hear about them giving up on half the kids involved in the case and think anything besides "oh, gross, they're just as horrible as they seem?"

23. So Strange

So Strange
For real, how can you make the formal decision that you only want custody of two of your children and not realize that you're absolute trash?

24. Interesting ...

Interesting ...
But maybe they do realize how bad that looks ... and that's why they're doing what they're doing now.

25. Making an Effort

Making an Effort
A new report from TMZ claims that Jenelle and David are getting ahead of the court's request by already signing up for parenting classes.

26. Right, Right

Right, Right
They've also enrolled in marriage counseling -- something Jenelle said needed to happen for her to even stay with him after he killed Nugget.

27. At Last

At Last
Not only that, but David is also apparently getting a psychiatric evaluation "to find the root of his anger issues." This one is extra important, because there's no way he's just got "anger issues," right?

28. Ew

TMZ says the same thing Jenelle told us earlier this week, that she and David are "still committed to each other and they want to emerge from this extremely rough patch as a family." Well, as a family minus Maryssa and without visits from Jace.

29. Let's Be Real

Let's Be Real
We guess this is a step in the right direction, but with everything else that's been happening, we just can't imagine this will be enough. And if they'll have to get those weekly drug tests, too ... sitting in a therapist's office once a week isn't going to matter if they can't put down the weed for a few months, you know?

30. Another Point

Another Point
For therapy to work, they'll have to sincerely try to be open and honest about themselves and their problems -- it's not like they'll be able to fool this whole team of people who are allegedly going to be looking into their mental health. Can you even imagine David being open enough for any kind of therapy to work?

31. Sorry, Easons

Sorry, Easons
So yeah, this might look good on paper, and therapy may have worked a couple of years ago, but at this point, it's just not enough.

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