Jenelle Evans Spotted with David Eason: Are They Back Together?!

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Remember the joy and pride we all felt back in October when Jenelle Evans announced her plans to divorce human garbage bag David Eason?

It was pretty intense, right?

Unfortunately, it's starting to look like we may not be able to hang onto those feelings for much longer.

Because Jenelle was photographed hanging out with David this week.

1. This Guy

This Guy
David Eason is the worst for many, many reasons. Just so many reasons.

2. RIP Nugget

RIP Nugget
Remember when he brutally killed Jenelle's little French bulldog, Nugget?

3. Classic David

Classic David
Or what about the time that he shared a video on Instagram of himself shooting an assault rifle and tagged the president in it, causing the Secret Service to pay him a visit and the FBI to open up an investigation on him?

4. More Memories

More Memories
Or the time that Jenelle called 911 and cried about how he'd shoved her to the ground so hard she thought he broke her collarbone? Or the other time she called 911 because he was having a scary meltdown and she locked him outside and he proceeded to break down the door?

5. Poor Kaiser

Poor Kaiser
Or all the times we've heard that David allegedly abused Kaiser?

6. Ugh

Yep, David is and has always been the worst, and we didn't blame Jenelle one bit for leaving him back in October.

7. Good for Her

Good for Her
It was on Halloween when she announced that her marriage was over. She'd packed up Kaiser and Ensley and moved to Nashville to start a new-ish life.

8. Making Moves

Making Moves
After the move, a few very notable things happened.

9. Good!

One was that Jenelle and Nathan pretty much immediately started getting along again. They've even been doing fun activities together for Kaiser's sake!

10. Thank Goodness

Thank Goodness
Another is that she filed a restraining order against David, and to get it, she provided proof that he'd been abusive to her and the kids. The order made it so that he wasn't allowed to come near her or her children, and he also wasn't supposed to say certain things about her online.

11. Oh Hey, Herb

Oh Hey, Herb
She also got went and got herself a brand new boyfriend named Herb Wilkinson.

12. Hmmm

The whole Herb thing is a wild ride all on its own -- the guy lives in Boston, and a couple of years ago he was tweeting some pretty horrific things about Jenelle. He also seems to struggle with addiction, which probably isn't a great thing for Jenelle to be around.

13. Interesting

Some sources are saying that Jenelle is really into this guy though, so much that she's considering moving to Boston to be with him.

14. What's the Truth?

What's the Truth?
Others are saying that their relationship was really just a quick fling, and that it's already over.

15. Oh No

Oh No
But while we're not sure where Jenelle stands on the Herb front today, we do know that she's recently had a change of heart when it comes to David.

16. Please No

Please No
And it's bad. Real, real bad.

17. Bad Idea

Bad Idea
Earlier this week, we learned that she'd dropped the restraining order against him, meaning that he can now get as close to her and her kids as he pleases, and he's free to say whatever he likes about them to anyone who will listen.

18. Why Though?

Why Though?
It was a very questionable move, considering how scared she seemed to be when she asked for the restraining order in the first place. She said she feared for her life, but things are cool now, we guess?

19. Oh

Or, well, we really don't have to guess -- Jenelle was photographed with David yesterday in Nashville, so that's a pretty solid hint they're at least getting along more than they were, right?

20. The Details

The Details
TMZ has the photo, so we can't share it here but we'll paint the picture for you: the picture shows David, Jenelle, and Ensley walking down a street together, with Jenelle standing in the middle holding hands with Ensley and David beside Jenelle with what looks like a hand on Jenelle's back.

21. To Be Fair

To Be Fair
We won't swear on that last part though -- it also looks like he could be carrying something and his arm is swinging behind Jenelle. But still, they're close to each other, and obviously they're out together, so that's weird, isn't it?

22. OK ...

OK ...
For what it's worth, TMZ notes that this wasn't a romantic outing, so that's good.

23. Makes Sense?

Makes Sense?
Apparently Jenelle's main reason for dropping the restraining order was so that Ensley could spend time with David, so that's what's happening with this photo.

24. That's Our Girl!

That's Our Girl!
Her other reason for dropping the order? She's "very tired of going to court." Because it's such a hassle to protect yourself and your kids, right?

25. Divorce is On

Divorce is On
TMZ says the divorce is definitely still on, but Jenelle wants to be able to co-parent with David as easily as she does with Nathan, and that's why they're spending time together again.

26. So Scary

So Scary
But remember, this is Jenelle we're talking about -- no bad choice, no matter how awful it is, is out of the realm of possibility.

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