Jenelle Evans SLAMS Sister-In-Law: David Eason Hates You and So Do I!

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Jenelle Evans has been in rare form lately.

Usually, Jenelle is a ball of sunshine, who enjoys a classy and drama-life on her country estate, baking pies for her doting husband and homeschooling her children like some perfect combination of Martha Stewart and Laura Ingalls Wilder.

We kid, of course. (That's sarcasm, for those who struggle with such concepts.)

Jenelle is always a nightmare, and she always airs her dirty laundry on social media, but lately, she's been going more bonkers than ever on Instagram and Twitter, leading many to the conclusion that Evans wants to get fired from Teen Mom 2.

We don't know about that, but we do know that Jenelle's recent attack against David Eason's sister, Jessica Miller, was crass and bitter even by Ms. Evans' standards -- which is really saying something.

Take a look: 

1. Jenelle Evans Is the Angriest Person Alive

Jenelle Evans Is the Angriest Person Alive
We'd say we don't know where Jenelle Evans finds the energy to be so angry all the time, but then we remember that she really doesn't do much aside from engage in social media feuds.

2. A Worthy Opponent

A Worthy Opponent
David's sister Jessica has been feuding with Jenelle for years, but like so many of us, in recent weeks, she's been more interested in life on The Land than ever before, thanks to some truly bizarre developments.

3. This Ugly Incident

Jenelle and David's current downward spiral began back in October when she was hospitalized after allegedly being assaulted by Eason.

4. Just Getting Started

Just Getting Started
Jenelle later retracted her claim, but that was just the beginning of the violent insanity on The Land.

5. David vs. the US Governent

Just last week, David received a visit from the Secret Service in response to Instagram posts in which he threatened Donald Trump and Nancy Pelosi while boasting about his gun collection.

6. Jess Has a Laugh

Jess Has a Laugh
Like most who are familiar with the situation, Jessica had a good laugh at the thought of David going to war against the feds.

7. Baby Arsenal

Baby Arsenal
“That lil baby arsenal lmao.. Extended magazines, a bag of bullets and a WHOLE box of buck shots? Shoo wee! I bet the USSS are shaking in their boots!” she tweeted.

8. She Speaks the Truth

She Speaks the Truth
“Acting so tough as if they couldn’t sniper him in .05 seconds..” Jessica added. “He needs to stop being an idiot.”

9. Not Holding Back

Not Holding Back
Asked by fans if David has always been this way, Jessica replied that he's completely different from the man she used to know and is obsessed with remaining relevant.

10. Poisonous

“We don't know this new guy… poisonous poonanny has entered into his bloodstream,” Jessica wrote, apparently in reference to Jenelle.

11. Hearts and Minds

Hearts and Minds
“I feel sorry for him,” she added. “He has lost his mind and his heart.”

12. Tell Us What You REALLY Think!

Tell Us What You REALLY Think!
"She’s the most horrible creature I’ve ever met," Jessica continued. "She has disrespected everyone she’s ever met in our family. I do believe she has brought out the worst in David, and I think he hates himself."

13. Who's In Charge Here?

Who's In Charge Here?
Jessica went on to rail against Kailyn Lowry and others who have expressed concern for Jenelle, tweeting, “I just don't understand why someone would think something’s suddenly wrong with her. She loves this garbage as much as he does.”

14. Parting Shot

Parting Shot
Before deleting her Twitter account, Jessica took one last jab at Jenelle, claiming that David is only with her because of her money.

15. It's On

It's On
Jenelle being Jenelle, she was quick to launch a truly insane tirade against Jessica.

16. Hmm ... Sounds Like Someone We Know

Hmm ... Sounds Like Someone We Know
Jenelle began by posting this screed against Jessica. As many pointed out, she could easily be talking about herself here.

17. It's Getting Real

It's Getting Real
Jessica countered, "I have all of my kids Jenelle you stupid bitch!"

18. Roasted

"But Jenelle, on the other hand has lost her son, losing her other son (that she neglects), David lost his son, Maryssa hates you and wants to get the f--k outta there, and then poot Ensley ..." Jessica wrote, adding that Jenelle has been known to throw food at Ensley as a disciplinary measure.

19. Is It Just Us ...

Is It Just Us ...
... or is Jenelle getting owned here? Her best comeback is that David doesn't talk to his sisters anymore?

20. The Easons Are Not Close

The Easons Are Not Close
Jenelle kept that theme going with some unexplained accusation about David's brother almost killing him.

21. Takes One to Know One

Takes One to Know One
Jenelle wrapped up her comments (for now) by accusing Jessica of being on drugs.

22. Odd Flex

Odd Flex
As a former heroin addict who recently called the cops to her house because of what she described as a "drunk and dramatic misunderstanding," you'd think Jenelle would steer clear of substance abuse-based trash talk, but whatever ...

23. What's Next?

What's Next?
It's anyone's guess what will happen next in this feud between two very worthy opponents. But whatever the case, you can bet it will be entertaining ...

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