Jenelle Evans: TRASHED, Ridiculed By Teen Mom Cast Over Cease & Desist Letters!

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Jenelle Evans got a whole lot of attention on Monday when she and her husband, David Eason, sent out a series of cease and desist letters.

To several of their fellow Teen Mom stars.

It was dumb. Really, really dumb.

Apparently she and David feel like everyone else has been making "defamatory statements" about them, and the situation is bad enough to involve lawyers.

Unfortunately, their letters don't seem to getting the reaction they'd hoped for -- because really all that is happening is that everyone is laughing at them.


1. Jenelle's Downward Spiral

Jenelle's Downward Spiral
Let's be real, Jenelle hasn't been in the best place for a while now. Barbara got permanent custody of Jace, Nathan's mother is trying to get custody of Kaiser ... things are a mess. So it makes sense that she'd be looking to lash out a bit.

2. Oh, Honey ...

Oh, Honey ...
There have been a lot of awful stories about her recently too. We heard that she did drugs throughout her last pregnancy, so much that poor little Ensley tested positive for marijuana at birth, and that she and David are abusive and neglectful with Kaiser. There was also that great big fight at the Teen Mom 2 reunion last month.

3. This is Not the Way

This is Not the Way
After the reunion fight, some other Teen Mom people made remarks about it, which is natural, right? Not for Jenelle.

4. "I Don't Even Talk About You"

"I Don't Even Talk About You"
So first, Jenelle and David sent a cease and desist letter to Chelsea Houska, who in turn shared this darling tweet. And it's true -- she really doesn't talk about her.

5. WTF, Indeed

WTF, Indeed
This is also true -- over the years, Jenelle has taken issue time and time again with Chelsea. Like remember when she said that Chelsea was copying her by getting a website when she'd gotten her own website a few months before? Like it's so rare to have a website?

6. Who Knows?

Who Knows?
Seriously though, aside from a few general remarks about how crazy the reunion show was, Chelsea hasn't said anything about Jenelle, much less anything that could be considered defamatory.

7. #ByeJenelle

Next, Kailyn Lowry revealed that Jenelle had sent her a cease and desist letter, too. Kail has been a bit more vocal about her issues with Jenelle, but personal issues aren't always grounds for legal action, you know?

8. Facts

Does Jenelle understand how hypocrisy works? No? Didn't think so.

9. What About Leah?

What About Leah?
Leah Messer hasn't confirmed whether or not she got a cease and desist letter of her very own, but she DID say that Jenelle has harassed her via text messages, so that's something.

10. Apparently So

Apparently So
Randy Houska, Chelsea's father, was the next on Jenelle's naughty list. Since he loves Teen Mom gossip almost as much as we do, he and Jenelle have butted heads before, but it sounds like he got his letter for tweeting that it was bad to fight in front of kids. Shame on him, or whatever.

11. The Man Himself

The Man Himself
Hilariously, Randy also expressed disappointment that his letter didn't come from Dustin Sullivan, Jenelle's longtime criminal lawyer. You know, the one who had to break it to her that she couldn't get out of jail to go to a Kesha concert, even though she got feathers in her hair just for the occasion.

12. *Insert Eyeroll Emoji*

*Insert Eyeroll Emoji*
A little while later, Randy tweeted this screenshot from Jenelle's Facebook page of an article about Amber Portwood that, for some reason, was attached to a photo of Aubree. Because really, she doesn't want anyone to even discuss her on social media but it's cool for her to post a photo of Chelsea's daughter? How does that work?

13. The Dolph

The Dolph
Jenelle even sent a letter to Ryan Dolph, a former close friend of hers! They had a falling out recently, since Jenelle is incapable of maintaining a good relationship with anyone for any real length of time, and he threatened to sell some scandalous stories about her. Cease and desist, sir!

14. "You Can't Sue Sh-t"

"You Can't Sue Sh-t"
Well, he does have a point ...

15. Are Drugs to Blame?

Are Drugs to Blame?
According to Nathan, who -- you guessed it! -- also got a letter, the whole issue here is that Jenelle is paranoid due to drug use.

16. Poor Barbara

Poor Barbara
If you thought that Jenelle's mom, Barbara, missed out on this cease and desist-palooza, you thought wrong. She posted on Instagram "Well Girls I'm joining the group!!!!!! I also got my Cease and.Desist Papers today. From Mr and Mrs Eason."

17. Babs' Letter

Babs' Letter
She also shared her letter with Radar Online -- one section read “It comes to our attention that false statements of accusations of drug abuse and child abuse disparaging Mr. and Mrs. Eason’s characters have been made by you."

18. Staying Positive

Staying Positive
At this point, sadly enough, Barbara has to be used to antics like this. She said that she found the letter "comical," and that her lawyer isn't worried about it. Because, as she said "I don't say anything that isn't true."

19. And Now for the Fans ...

And Now for the Fans ...
Jenelle's costars aren't the only ones perplexed by the flurry of cease and desist letters ... pretty much everyone else is too. Here's a gem from a Gary Shirley parody account. #Accurate.

20. Money Well Spent

Money Well Spent
... Where's the lie?

21. Social Media Lies

Social Media Lies
Before sending the letters, Jenelle spent several days sharing photos of the family attending David's daughter's cheerleading competition ... was the happiness all a lie?!?!

22. Loser

Is it though? Is Jenelle really using hard drugs again, is that the reason for her bizarre behavior? Only time (and maybe the next season of Teen Mom 2) will tell.

23. A Special Place in Hell

A Special Place in Hell
We weep for Barbara, as always.

24. Mental Break

Mental Break
Is she really acting that oddly? Kind of, huh?

25. A Question for the Ages

A Question for the Ages
If it hasn't happened by now, it's probably not going to happen, let's just be real.

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