David Eason: PROOF That He's Using Jenelle Evans For Fame Revealed?!

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As we reported earlier this week, Jenelle Evans took legal action against several of her Teen Mom co-stars for reasons that remain unclear.

Evans and her husband, David Eason, had their attorneys send cease and desist letters to a handful of regulars on the MTV reality series, including Kailyn Lowry, Chelsea Houska ... and Jenelle's mother, Barbara Evans.

The letters appear to have backfired as everyone on the cast responded by publicly clapping back at Jenelle, including Babs, who is now armed with evidence that everything in the Easons' relationship is not what it seems.

Buckle up, folks. 

The long-standing feud between Jenelle and Barbara is about to go nuclear:

1. Mother vs. Daughter

Mother vs. Daughter
To hear them tell it, Jenelle and Barbara have NEVER gotten along. Their relationship has further deteriorated in recent years, of course, as the mother and daughter have fought for custody of Jenelle's oldest son, Jace.

2. Jenelle Takes a Jab at Babs

Jenelle Takes a Jab at Babs
Yesterday, Barbara posted a blurry selfie along with a caption revealing that she too had received a cease and desist from Jenelle and David.

3. Join the Club!

Join the Club!
"Well Girls I'm joining the group!!!!!! I also got my Cease and Desist Papers today," Barbara wrote.

4. The Mystery Remains...

The Mystery Remains...
Babs has a lot in common with the other ladies of Teen Mom 2 these days. They've all received cease and desist documents from Jenelle, and none of them are at liberty to say why!

5. Jenelle's Big Mistake

Jenelle's Big Mistake
What Jenelle failed to consider is that she's widely despised by the show's fan base. If she was concerned about her public image, taking legal action is the last thing she should've done, as fans are now overwhelmingly siding with Babs and company.

6. New Evidence Against the Easons

New Evidence Against the Easons
Now, Jenelle may be soon to pay a major price for her misstep, as a Teen Mom Deepthroat has emerged (no, we're not talking about Farrah), and the informant has some seriously damaging things to say about Jenelle's husband, David Eason.

7. David In Danger

David In Danger
A woman who claims to be the ex-girlfriend of David's best friend, JD, commented on Barbara's Instagram post and stated that she knows for a fact Eason is simply using Jenelle for her fame and money.

8. A User and Abuser?

A User and Abuser?
"Barbara, I know David personally ... I know first hand how David is," wrote the unidentified woman. "JD told me that David told him he is just using Jenelle."

9. Evil Eason?

Evil Eason?
"David also said he's had it all planned out and has from day one (when it comes to his true intentions)," the source continued.

10. Damaged David?

Damaged David?
"David's ex wife cheated on him and left him for someone he never thought she would go for. It scarred him for life. Now he's a womanizer and doesn't care about anyone but David," the insider adds.

11. A Known Womanizer?

A Known Womanizer?
The source claims David's tendency to exploit women is well-known in her area. "He even got his ex-gf pregnant with his son Kaden out of spite from his ex wife," she says.

12. Tell Us What You REALLY Think!

Tell Us What You REALLY Think!
"He's a f--ked up individual, a user, liar, and a piece of s--t. Jenelle will see his true colors sooner or later. If she doesn't already and just doesn't want to admit it," the tipster claims.

13. Ammo For Babs

Ammo For Babs
"David is controlling her every move, especially since she has his daughter now. Just wanted to share that with you cause you're right about how you feel about David," the informant concludes.

14. So What Does This All Mean?

So What Does This All Mean?
If these claims turn out to be true, they could be massively beneficial for Barbara.

15. Evans vs. Evans

Evans vs. Evans
As we stated earlier, Jenelle and Barbara are locked in an ugly custody dispute, and the cornerstone of Babs' case is her claim that Jenelle is unable to provide a stable home for Jace.

16. Bad Dad Dave

Bad Dad Dave
She's told the court that she believes David is abusive to Jenelle's sons, and ... well, the evidence keeps mounting.

17. "Screaming Like a B-tch!"

"Screaming Like a B-tch!"
On a 2016 episode of Teen Mom 2, Eason shouted at Jace and told a friend that Jenelle's son was "screaming like a little b-tch." The comment was made within earshot of Jace.

18. It Gets Worse...

It Gets Worse...
Since the episode aired, Jenelle and David have been accused of striking her sons, locking them outside on hot days, and denying them food. Needless to say, Jenelle is running scared these days...

19. Those Legal Docs

Those Legal Docs
The cease and desist letters Jenelle sent out to her co-stars are being taken as evidence that she's deeply concerned about having her children taken away. Of course, shutting the other moms up won't help her case much. MTV cameras have captured hundreds of hours of evidence over the years.

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