Amber Portwood: I'm Too Good For Jenelle Evans and This Bulls--t Drama!

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Amber Portwood and Jenelle Evans are a couple of hot messes.

Honestly, the term "hot mess" might be too nice a term for them.

They're just train wreck individuals, right? In many, many ways.

That's why a lot of people, including Jenelle herself, have been confused by MTV's decision to fire the Swamp Monster of the Land whilst keeping the realest G in Anderson, Indiana, on the payroll.

Jenelle's been making comments about the situation lately, calling the network out for this alleged hypocrisy.

But what's Amber's take on it? Well, nowe we know. Read on to find out ... and grab a hat and hold onto it.

1. These Girls

These Girls
Amber and Jenelle haven't had to interact with each other too much, since Amber is on Teen Mom OG and Jenelle was always on Teen Mom 2.

2. ... Yay?

But sometimes MTV brings all the moms together for some big event, and whenever that's happened, they were always friendly-ish.

3. Oh No

Oh No
But that all changed last year when Amber went on social media and called David Eason a "disgusting clown," a "bitch," a "punk" and a "pussy" for allegedly abusing Jenelle.

4. So Wild

So Wild
That's right, Amber, the girl who went to prison for domestic violence charges and who was seen beating her boyfriend on national television, felt comfortable going off on David like that like she is some noble defender of victims everywhere. Can you imagine?

5. Here We Go

Jenelle didn't appreciate Amber's comments, and she got on Instagram Live to tell Amber to "shut the f-ck up about my family."

6. Suuuure

She insisted that David hadn't abused anyone and that he wasn't a clown, and she even told Amber that "You’re the one who went to jail for domestic violence but you’re sitting here pointing fingers at my husband? Shut the f-ck up, seriously."

7. Classic

And when Amber saw all that, she did what she does best -- she threatened to assault her if she ever saw her again.

8. Really Though

Really Though
But like, a lot -- she went on and on and on about how she would beat Jenelle's ass, that she better have security at the next event they both attended, etc. It was pretty intense.

9. Settling Down

Settling Down
After that, things died down for a bit, because where could they really have gone from there?

10. Busy, Busy!

Busy, Busy!
Besides, both ladies had their hands full for a while after all of this -- Amber got arrested for assaulting Andrew Glennon and allegedly going after him with a machete.

11. RIP Nugget

RIP Nugget
And of course Jenelle had that whole thing where David killed her dog, which resulted in temporarily losing custody of her children.

12. Getting Some Free Time

Getting Some Free Time
But now that things have settled a bit, what with Jenelle getting back together with David and Amber being on a pretty strict probation, they have a little more free time, you know?

13. Now's as Good a Time as Any!

So why not start on another chapter of their feud?!

14. Not Happy

Not Happy
It all started when Jenelle shared one of her Q&A videos on her YouTube page -- someone asked her if she was pissed that she lost her Teen Mom gig and Amber didn't, and she admitted that she wasn't too pleased about it.

15. No Fair

No Fair
She then said in an interview that when she's asked MTV about this, they tell her that she wasn't fired, she was just "let go for a season," and that "Amber didn’t leave a paper trail for what she did."

16. Makes Sense

Makes Sense
“David wasn’t ever charged with any sort of crime, but Amber was and left a paper trail through Ring Cameras in her house that were released online," she argued.

17. Ouch

As much as it pains us to agree with Jenelle, she definitely has a point -- Jenelle and David did have to go to court, but so did Amber, and she was actually convicted of felonies. So what could that "paper trail" even be referring to?

18. There It Is

There It Is
Jenelle also said in that interview that “Over the years MTV has filmed me on drugs, giving custody of my son to my mom, filmed while in dangerous situations… and they never cared because they always got their ratings," and that really feels like the issue here.

19. Yep

It seems like the real issue is that David was disruptive to filming -- Amber has done horrible things throughout her time on the show, but she's never been all that difficult to work with.

20. Truer Words ...

Truer Words ...
And we definitely imagine she brings the ratings -- there's a good chance that many viewers turn in just to watch the train wreck that is her life.

21. Speaking Out

Speaking Out
It's not fair, and at this point it's pretty clear that MTV is completely done with Jenelle, so we see why she's been speaking out about this.

22. The Big Question

The Big Question
But how does Amber feel about being repeatedly brought up by Jenelle?

23. Laying Low

Laying Low
She hasn't been too active on social media lately -- she posted a selfie last month, but the last photo she shared before that was back in November.

24. Don't Care

Don't Care
But according to a source who spoke with Hollywood Life, Amber isn't particularly bothered by what Jenelle's been saying.

25. Right, Right

Right, Right
“Amber’s been staying off social media and further working on herself," the source claims.

26. So Many Things

So Many Things
“She doesn’t feel the need to get into a feud with Jenelle with everything going on in the world right now."

27. Totally Believable

Totally Believable
The insider says that "She’s seeing her kids and they are communicating all of the time when they’re not with her," and "When she’s not with the kids, she’s doing the best she can by herself."

28. Try Harder

Try Harder
Apparently, "Amber is always just trying to make herself a better person."

29. No, Really?

No, Really?
"She knows she’s not perfect."

30. Getting Better?

Getting Better?
The source reveals that "She’s been watching a lot of Ted Talks during this time. She’s been reading, watching videos and taking this time to try and learn.”

31. Real Talk

Real Talk
It's hard to know what Amber is doing right now, but it's hard to believe that she's spending all this time on self-help material, right?

32. Remarkable

Even after everything that's happened, she still thinks she's a victim and she still doesn't entirely understand just how damaging her actions were.

33. The Truth

The Truth
It's much easier to imagine that she's been spending her days lying in bed with her headphones on and thinking about what a G she is.

34. Credit Where Credit is Due

Credit Where Credit is Due
But either way, we still have to applaud Amber for letting this go and not getting back on Instagram Live to threaten more violence.

35. It's Something

It's Something
At least she's grown that much.

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