The Duggars: Real Reason They Homeschool Their Kids REVEALED!

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It would be a massive understatement to say that the Duggars are an unusual sort of family.

The Duggars have always played by their own rules, which is one of the things that endears them to their viewers -- who are typically, and somewhat ironically, big fans of both rules and end fiercely protected independence.

It may seem that these two passions cannot easily co-exist, but it all has to do with who's making the rules.

Like Jim Bob himself, Duggar fans tend to be evangelicals with a fierce patriarchal streak.

They believe in divine authority and the authority of the male head of household, and while they tend to be big fans of both the military and the police, they're usually distrustful of the government.

Which is a big reason that the Duggars and others like them choose to homeschool their children -- but as we recently learned, it's just one of many.

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1. The Whole Brood

The Whole Brood
Jim Bob and Michelle raised 19 children, and at least up to this point, all of them have been homeschooled.

2. The Student Body

The Student Body
It's an almost unfathomable task -- and it begs the question: who would take on such a demanding job?

3. The School Marm

The School Marm
At first, the educational duties fell entirely to Michelle Duggar.

4. Easing the Burden

Easing the Burden
As Michelle's eldest children reached their pre-teen years, however, they began to assist in homeschooling their younger siblings.

5. Taking Up the Mantel

Taking Up the Mantel
These days, as the eldest Duggar to remain unmarried and living at home, 29-year-old Jana assumes most of the workload.

6. Faithful Assistant

Faithful Assistant
Until recently, Jana was assisted in her efforts by longtime friend Laura DeMasie, who went so far as to move in with the Duggars in order to serve as a live-in teacher's aide.

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