Jenelle Evans Left Out of Teen Mom 2 Episode: Is She Soon to Be Fired?!

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7. Absence Explained?

Absence Explained?
So was Jenelle missing from Monday's show simply because producers were at a loss for what to do with her? Well, it seems there may be to the story than that ...

8. A Pleasure to Work With

A Pleasure to Work With
According to The Ashley, Jenelle often made it literally impossible for the crew to get usable footage of her, as she frequently canceled shoots or simply "refused to work."

9. Doing What They Have to Do

Doing What They Have to Do
Many fans expressed hopes that Jenelle was being punished or that she was soon to be fired. But an insider says the Evans-less episode was simply a matter of necessity.

10. No Other Option

No Other Option
“The editors and producers of the show knew this day was coming,” one behind-the-scenes source told The Ashley.

11. Every Trick In the Book

Every Trick In the Book
“They stretched what little footage they had of Jenelle literally as far as they could, and used every trick they could to keep Jenelle included, but there was no more footage to work with," the insider says.

12. Still Employed!

Still Employed!
As for the rumors that this episode was a "test" to see how viewers would react if the show were to continue without Jenelle, one source said that's simply not the case.

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