Jenelle Evans Lashes Out: Barbara Evans Is Abusing My Kids!

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Another day, another bizarre update in the increasingly sad saga of Jenelle Evans.

As you've likely heard by now, Jenelle lost custody of her kids last month.

For most parents, that would be the end of the public spectacle, as they would remove themselves from social media and all other platforms in order to focus on regaining custody and avoid further damage to their reputation.

But that's not the case with Jenelle.

No, Jenelle is still posting online and engaging in very public altercations with members of her own family.

Probably not the smartest behavior for a woman who's trying to prove that she's capable of providing a stable home for her children.

But when have we ever known Jenelle to engage in smart behavior?

Take a look at her latest outbursts:

1. Jenensley

Jenelle posted a photo of herself with daughter Ensley on Instagram today. Obviously, it was a throwback pic, as Jenelle lost custody of the 2-year-old last month.

2. Jenellfie

Jenelle also posted this selfie. As many commenters pointed out, she looks pretty happy for someone who just lost custody of her kids.

3. Back On Her BS

Back On Her BS
But it's the captions to Jenelle's photos -- rather than the photos themselves -- that have garnered the most attention from her followers.

4. Keep Telling Yourself That ...

Keep Telling Yourself That ...
"It’s the little things in life," Evans wrote. "With everything that has been going on lately, I’ve come to realize a child’s love for their mother will never fade."

5. The Delusion Is Strong With This One

The Delusion Is Strong With This One
"No distance, not time, no person can change that special love," she continued.

6. Did It Burn When You Put It On?

Did It Burn When You Put It On?
From there, Jenelle explained the significance of this piece of jewelry.

7. Cool Story, Bro

Cool Story, Bro
"This necklace was given to me by my little bubba, Kaiser," Jenelle captioned the pic. "He told me he wanted mommy to 'match his'. My children are the sweetest and the best.

8. At Least She's Trying to Be Positive?

At Least She's Trying to Be Positive?
Jenelle added the hashtags "#MommasBabies #InMyHeart #AlwaysAndForever"

9. Well, That Didn't Take Long

Well, That Didn't Take Long
Unfortunately, Jenelle's flirtation with human decency didn't last, and she promptly revealed that she's going to war with her mother.

10. Here We Go Again

Here We Go Again
"I’m calling SOCIAL SERVICES on MY FAMILY #LinkInBio #PrayForEnsley," Jenelle wrote.

11. Still Jawing to the Press

Still Jawing to the Press
The link in her bio leads to an interview with Us Weekly in which Jenelle savages her mother and accusing her of mistreating her grandkids (who are currently in Babs' care after being removed from Jenelle's home).

12. Oh, the Irony

Oh, the Irony
We didn't expect such a brutal attack from a woman who just told us a child's love for their mother never dies, but Jenelle is nothing if not unpredictable.

13. A Little Backstory

A Little Backstory
Jenelle is pissed at her mom following an incident yesterday that occurred in a courthouse parking lot. Babs seemed uncomfortable allowing Jenelle to hold Ensley, as all of her visits are supposed to be supervised by CPS. Jenelle picked up on this discomfort -- and she was not happy about it.

14. Yes, Let the 2-Year-Old Decide What's Best

Yes, Let the 2-Year-Old Decide What's Best
"I'm right here outside the courthouse, I'm giving my daughter a hug," Jenelle told her in video captured by TMZ. "If you have a problem with it then go get an officer, because obviously she's not scared."

15. To Be Fair, There Wasn't Much to Destroy

To Be Fair, There Wasn't Much to Destroy
“I do feel like my relationship with my mom is destroyed at this point,” Jenelle told Us Weekly after her Tuesday hearing.

16. Are You Talking About Babs or Yourself?

Are You Talking About Babs or Yourself?
“This isn’t a way a mother should be treating her daughter," Evans continued. "She fights so hard for my sister and my brother when they are the ones with major issues, not me.”

17. Jealous of What?

Jealous of What?
Asked about Babs' claim that Jenelle only embraced Ensley because there were cameras nearby, the former Teen Mom 2 star replied, "I believe my mom is saying anything at this point to make herself feel better. “It might all boil down to jealousy.”

18. Long Road Ahead

Long Road Ahead
As for Jenelle's ongoing legal battle to regain custody -- it looks like she still had quite a wait ahead of her.

19. Does She Know This Month Just Started?

Does She Know This Month Just Started?
Evans tells Us that a new judge is being selected for her case, and as a result, “court was continued for now until the end of the month.”

20. Whatever You Say ...

Whatever You Say ...
"There’s a lot of progress made on our behalf and [we] have to wait until our next court date as of now,” an optimistic Jenelle added.

21. Poor Maryssa

Poor Maryssa
As for rumors that Jenelle and David are no longer pursuing custody of his daughter Maryssa, Evans says they're simply not true.

22. Still After Her

Still After Her
“All children are involved in this case, not just one or the other. In the end, either the three children will come home that live with us primarily," she claimed.

23. All Her Children

All Her Children
“No child was ‘dropped’ from the case at all,” Jenelle argued. “Those reports are false and we are going to fight for all children to come home eventually.”

24. Babs In the Hot Seat

Babs In the Hot Seat
As for her belief that Barbara is unable to provide a stable home for her grandchildren, Jenelle cites a video that recently posted and deleted by her brother Colin.

25. Colin's Two Cents

Colin's Two Cents
“This video was sent to my phone today of my daughter being in extreme distress and crying for her ‘Mommy,’” Jenelle explained to Us. “I have no clue why this video was posted by my brother.”

26. Legitimate Danger?

Legitimate Danger?
Jenelle says her unstable brother presents a threat to her kids, telling Us, “I do not speak to him and do not want him around any children with the state of mind that Colin is in. This has already been reported by authorities and taking the correct steps to handle this situation the best we can.”

27. What About Jace?

What About Jace?
Funny, she didn't have a problem with Colin's presence all those years that Jace lived with Babs. Just sayin'.

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