Jenelle Evans: It's Been a Year and I Still Don't Care That David Killed My Dog!

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This time last year, life was coming at Jenelle Evans pretty darn fast.

It was right around this time that David killed Nugget, her little French bulldog, and all hell broke loose.

Lots of things happened, you remember -- and through it all, Jenelle stood by his side.

And now, one whole year after everything went down, she's speaking out about Nugget's horrific death.

But you're probably not going to like what she has to say ...

1. The Incident

The Incident
Sometime towards the end of April last year, something awful happened down on the swamp.

2. Reprehensible

David killed Nugget, this poor tiny little French bulldog that Jenelle had just recently gotten.

3. The Details

The Details
It's hard to say what actually happened -- all we know for certain is that David shot the dog.

4. Just Awful

Just Awful
Some sources claimed that he beat the dog before he shot it, and others said that when he came back inside afterwards, he was covered in blood.

5. Hmmm

Jenelle herself said at one point that he grabbed the dog and a shotgun from his truck and went out to the woods -- she heard a gunshot, but she didn't actually see anything.

6. Classic

Of course, that was just the first version of her story. It's changed a time or two, but we'll get to that in a moment.

7. Heartbroken

Anyway, she said that she was devastated over what had happened, and she even left David for a few days over it.

8. Cool

The police were alerted to what had happened and an investigation was opened. A detective then notified CPS of the situation, and swift action was taken.

9. Thank Goodness

Thank Goodness
Nathan was advised to pick Kaiser up from his preschool without Jenelle and David' knowledge, and he did, so that was nice.

10. Some Drama

Some Drama
They tried to put Maryssa and Ensley in someone else's custody on their own, but CPS wasn't cool with that, so Maryssa went to her grandmother's home and Ensley went with Barbara -- and since Barb already has full custody of Jace, she was just advised to keep him home.

11. Awesome

The custody battle was officially on.

12. So Disappointing

So Disappointing
... And then it was over. A judge ordered Kaiser, Ensley, and Maryssa to be returned to Jenelle and David immediately.

13. Such Consequences

Such Consequences
They were ordered to attend therapy and parenting classes, and David had to do a psychiatric evaluation and anger management, but that was that.

14. What Now?

What Now?
And then Jenelle came out with a new story -- she started saying that she actually wasn't sure what had happened to Nugget. She told police that she made up the story about David shooting the dog for publicity.

15. Seriously, What?

Seriously, What?
Yep, even though she went on and on about how devastated she was after it happened, and after David admitted to killing the dog, she tried that move. She even claimed in an interview that she couldn't remember what he'd said he'd done with Nugget.

16. Of Course

Of Course
But after the police investigation was closed and after it was clear that CPS was done with them, they changed their story again -- turns out that yeah, he definitely did kill the dog. Shocker, right?

17. But Why

But Why
They did an absolutely absurd joint interview about how yeah, David shot the dog or whatever, but he did it because he didn't know any better and he didn't realize that people would get upset about it. Because that's believable.

18. Byyyyye

Not too long after that was when Jenelle left David, moved to Nashville, and got a restraining order against him after saying in court that he was abusive and she feared for her life, so there wasn't much time to rehash all the Nugget stuff.

19. Not Great

Not Great
But she did have time to get a new dog!

20. Wonderful

David one-upped her and got TWO new dogs while she was gone, because everything is terrible and no one ever learns anything, not ever.

21. Gross

You know what happened next -- she decided she wanted to give their marriage another chance and moved back to The Land, so right now they're trying to convince everyone that they're in love and everything is fine even though we all know good and well that it most definitely is not.

22. Hooray

A big part of that old song and dance involves happy social media posts, and Jenelle has been getting really into TikTok lately.

23. Who Could Have Predicted This?

Who Could Have Predicted This?
Just a few days ago, she shared a video there of her dancing with one of the dogs, and wouldn't you know it, some people had something to say about the wild fact that she's still allowed to have pets.

24. Yup

And you know she had something to say right back.

25. A Defense

A Defense
She actually started responding when someone, for some reason, defended her against some haters -- that person commented on the video with "A dog bit my son and I would have shot it, if you never been threw it don't speak on it. U weren't there so u have no clue what happened."

26. Solidarity

Jenelle, pleased to have found someone else who had been "threw" it, replied with "Thank you for understanding."

27. Oooh

"But you said that David shot Nugget to hurt you," one person argued.

28. Not Having It

Not Having It
"What in the hell are you talking about?" Jenelle asked that person. "When did I ever say that?"

29. Interesting

To be fair, we don't remember her saying that and we can't find any proof that she did. A lot of people theorized that that was the reason he killed Nugget, just because of the way abusive relationships work, but whenever she gave a reason we're pretty sure it was always just that Nugget had nipped at Ensley.

30. Standing by Her Man

Standing by Her Man
Someone else said the same thing, and Jenelle wrote "David didn't aggravate the dog at all. He wasn't near the dog."

31. Saving Ensley

Saving Ensley
"Ensley was on our couch and giving the dog a kiss and the dog bit her cheek," she added. "Almost got her eye."

32. Done

That's her story and she's sticking to it.

33. Something to Consider

Something to Consider
This is interesting for a couple of reasons -- one is that unless there was just a routine of Nugget nipping at Ensley while she tried to give kisses while sitting on the couch, then the video that David shared back then of Nugget "biting" Ensley was what set him off so badly.

34. Intriguing ...

Intriguing ...
He said then that it wasn't, that it was just an example of how vicious Nugget was, but that's not making sense. And even if it was true, then that means that they knew that Nugget didn't like it when Ensley would get too close on the couch, so why wouldn't they just train the dog more or teach Ensley to give it space? Why would David stand by and film it if he knew there was a chance that Nugget could snap?

35. The Real Question

The Real Question
Also, why is Jenelle even still talking about all of this?

36. Nope

Even after everything, she's still trying to defend David and make him look good, even with the Nugget incident, which is something that no one is ever in a million years going to forgive him for.

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