Jenelle Evans: Getting Fired From Teen Mom 2 Any Minute Now?!

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Things are not looking great for Jenelle Evans right now.

But then again, when have they ever looked great?

From being impregnated as a teenager by one of the sketchiest characters in Teen Mom history to giving up custody of that baby to being arrested a zillion times to now ...

It's not been a fun ride, that's for sure.

But now, thanks to David Eason's horrific homophobic rant, she might actually be fired from Teen Mom 2.

And she's freaking out right now, dude.

1. Bad Move, Jenelle

Bad Move, Jenelle
It's hard to figure out where to begin with this whole mess, but we have to start somewhere. Let's just say that when Jenelle made the decision to swipe right on David on Tinder, that was very, very wrong of her.

2. The Worst

The Worst
David's been awful for a long long time, what with the aggressive way he speaks to and handles Jenelle's children to the creepy way he seems to control her, but apparently being a homophobic jackass was where he crossed the line.

3. Tsk Tsk

Tsk Tsk
Earlier this week, after several days of sharing his thoughts on guns and gun control, he decided to spice things up a bit by tweeting "Lmao why don't you go tell the homo and transgender parents to start teaching their kids better morals? Oh I forgot that's supposed to be normal."

4. Ugh

He also said that he planned on teaching his children not to be gay, because that's how that works, and not to associate with gay and transgender people because "if you lay down with dogs you get up with fleas."

5. Make It Stop

Make It Stop
David also called gay people "abominations," quoted some bible verses, patted himself on the back for being "radical," and when Chelsea Houska's father suggested people report him to Twitter, he told him to "eat a bag of dicks."

6. Later, David

Later, David
Considering all of that -- and the fact that other members of the Teen Mom 2 cast were thinking about refusing to film until he faced some consequences -- it wasn't too much of a surprise that MTV made the decision to fire David the very next day.

7. Excellent

“David Eason’s personal comments do not reflect the views of MTV," the network explained in a statement. "With six weeks left of production on Teen Mom 2, effective immediately, we are ending our relationship with him.”

8. Hmmm ...

Hmmm ...
But that still leaves one very big question: what about Jenelle?

9. Not Great

Not Great
Jenelle hasn't publicly addressed David's comments, but she did like a few of his tweets, and when he deleted his Twitter account, she deleted hers, too.

10. Bye Jenelle?

Bye Jenelle?
We've heard reports that MTV executives have been discussing the issue heavily for the past few days, trying to decide what to do about her. Do they fire her, too? Figure out a way to keep filming her after they fired her husband? Do they cancel Teen Mom 2 altogether?!

11. New News!

New News!
We still don't know the exact plan yet, but according to a new report from The Ashley's Reality Roundup, we do know that Jenelle is freaking out right now.

12. Bad Move

Bad Move
One source claims that this whole mess could have been avoided if David had just apologized for those comments, but "he would not budge." Good ol' Dave "kept repeating that those are his beliefs and he doesn’t have to apologize for what he said because it’s true," and right after that conversation, MTV released their statement.


The source adds that she was "shocked" that they actually fired David, and that now she's "extremely scared for own job."

14. Froze

“Everyone from MTV was freezing Jenelle out after this happened, which made her even more worried,” another source claims. “No one from MTV would even return her texts or calls.”

15. Thank God for Barb

Thank God for Barb
But through it all, Jenelle has at least one person on her side: her estranged mother, dear Barbara. The source says that she's been "sympathetic" and "supportive" of her right now, which "make sense, though, because if Jenelle doesn’t continue to film, Barbara won’t film either. That’s how it’s always been in the past at least; if the principle girl doesn’t film, the secondary cast doesn’t either.”

16. Uh ...

Uh ...
Hold up, so David's gone, Jenelle could be next, and there's a chance we won't ever get to see Barbara again?! Curse you, David. Curse you.

17. Way to Go

Way to Go
Speaking of David, the report says that there are just a few more episodes left to film this season, and that while he will not be in any of those, chances are he'll still appear in the episodes that were filmed before he got fired. There's also a good chance he'll be banned from the reunion show -- meaning that he won't be allowed on stage or on the set at all.

18. Cash Flow

Cash Flow
Sources say he was probably making somewhere around $4,000 per episode, so he's losing a decent amount of money in being fired. Thankfully for the family, Jenelle hasn't lost any of her sponsorships yet, but advertisers have been pulling ads from Teen Mom 2, which, you know, isn't great.

19. Poor Easons (JK)

Poor Easons (JK)
To recap, David lost his job and a considerable source of income for his family, there's a very good chance Jenelle could lose her job, too, and if that happened, there's also a very good chance that they'd both struggle to find employment in the entertainment industry again.

20. But Everything's Fine!

But Everything's Fine!
No worries, though! It's cool! Jenelle shared this dumb picture on Instagram, showing that she's standing by David, no matter what, and they are both totally fine.

21. Doing Great!

Doing Great!
She also shared a video of David with Ensley in which we see that David's shaved his head this week, which is also completely fine. Tons of people shave their heads, you know? It's not just for skinheads and people on the verge of total mental breakdowns!

22. Look Babies!

Look Babies!
She even shared this picture of Kaiser with Ensley, captioning it "my heart is going to burst." From love, not from overwhelming anxiety and fear!

23. All Good Here!

All Good Here!
In addition to all this, Jenelle thought it would be a good time to announce that she's about to release an app for her dumb, overpriced shop. Gotta make that money somehow now, huh?

24. Sweet Babe!

Sweet Babe!
"My sweet babe learning how to eat with a fork like a big girl!" David captioned this photo he shared yesterday, though he may as well have just captioned it "I'M FINE WE'RE ALL FINE DON'T WORRY IT'S ALL FINE."

25. Whatever

At this point, if Jenelle gets fired ... well, it wouldn't be the worst thing, you know? Because David is already the worst thing.

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