Jenelle Evans: I'm Coming Back to Teen Mom 2, Y'all!

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From the moment she got fired, there was a very real fear among Teen Mom fans that Jenelle Evans would come back to MTV oncw the network got desperate enough to re-hire her.

And when Evans filed for divorce from David Eason last month, that fear began to seem like an inevitability.

After all, Eason was the main reason Jenelle was fired from the show.

And with Teen Mom 2 ratings plummeting in the wake of Jenelle's termination, it wasn't hard to imagine a scenario in which execs would extend a job offer to the newly-single Ms. Eason.

So is Jenelle really returning to the show that made her famous?

Well, that's what she would have us believe -- but some fans aren't buying it.

Take a look:

1. Chillin' on the Unemployment Line

Chillin' on the Unemployment Line
It's been six months since Jenelle Evans was fired from Teen Mom 2. Now, she may be hinting at a return to the show that made her infamous.

2. Unseen Moments

Unseen Moments
Jenelle posted this photo on Snapchat with a caption reading "Unseen Moments...wrapped!"

3. Come Again?

Come Again?
Unseen Moments, of course, is the name for one of the specials MTV airs at the conclusion of each season of Teen Mom 2.

4. Uproar

For obvious reasons, fans took the post as an indication that Evans would be rejoining the cast, or had at least participated in the Unseen Moments special.

5. Mixed Reaction

Mixed Reaction
While a handful of diehard Jenelle fans were excited by the news, many more commenters were outraged, with some threatening to boycott MTV should the network decide to re-hire Evans.

6. Testing the Waters

Testing the Waters
But now, it seems that Jenelle was just conning her followers, possibly in hopes of finding out how the public would react to news that she had been re-hired.

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