Jenelle Evans: If You Fire Me, You HAVE to Fire Amber Portwood, Too!

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It's been almost a year since Jenelle Evans was finally fired from Teen Mom 2.

And it would be a massive understatement to say that she's still very, very bitter about it.

Jenelle wants her job back, but she'll almost certainly never get it -- especially now that she's officially reconciled with David Eason.

And so, she'll settle for the next best thing: getting other people fired.

Evans revealed this week that she thinks MTV should have cut ties with Amber Portwood after Portwood was arrested for domestic violence back in July.

The craziest thing about this situation? For once, Jenelle is right.

Take a look:

1. Moms at War

Moms at War
Jenelle Evans believes MTV should have fired Amber Portwood in response to her latest domestic violence arrest. It pains us to agree with Jenelle, but she's absolutely right on this one.

2. Kicked to the Curb

Kicked to the Curb
Jenelle, as you probably know, was fired from the show that made her famous amid a series of stunning controversies in April and May of 2019.

3. The Nugget Incident

The Nugget Incident
It all started when Jenelle's husband, David Eason, shot and killed the family dog, Nugget, during one of his infamous fits of rage.

4. Devastation

Jenelle defended David and helped him conceal his crime from police. As a result, she lost custody of her children after the ensuing CPS investigation.

5. Terminated

Not surprisingly, amid all of this, MTV decided that Evans had become too much of a liability, and the network severed ties with its most controversial star.

6. She Tried!

She Tried!
Jenelle eventually regained custody of her children, and in an effort to win her job back, she briefly relocated to Tennessee and pretended to break things off with David. But it wasn't enough.

7. Untouchable

MTV has made it clear that they have no intention of offering Jenelle a second chance, and execs are likely well aware that bringing her back for another season of Teen Mom 2 would result in widespread boycotting.

8. Justified Outrage?

Justified Outrage?
To be clear, Jenelle absolutely deserved to be fired, and we hope she never works in media or entertainment again. Still, we can see why she's upset that a different standard was seemingly applied in the case of Amber Portwood.

9. House of Horrors

House of Horrors
As you may recall, Amber was arrested in July after she attacked her then-fiance Andrew Glennon while he was holding the couple's infant son.

10. Terrifying Stuff

Terrifying Stuff
Andrew claims Amber wielded a machete during the assault and broke down a bedroom door when he hid behind it hoping to protect his child.

11. Lucky Break

Lucky Break
Amber was later convicted of domestic assault, but she was able to avoid jail time.

12. Getting Away With It

Getting Away With It
This is not the first time that she's been convicted of a violent crime, and many expressed shock that Amber was not fired by MTV.

13. Not Happy

Not Happy
One of those people is Jenelle Evans, who expressed her views on the Amber situation during a recent YouTube Q&A.

14. Going Off

Going Off
When a fan asked if Jenelle was "pissed" that Amber had been permitted to keep her job, the former MTV star did not mince words.

15. Right to Be Bothered

Right to Be Bothered
"Now, this has been a question that everyone has asked me for a while," Evans said. "And, honestly, it bothers me."

16. A Step Too Far

A Step Too Far
"I mean, I think that it's very unfair, and I didn't really do anything wrong. So, I'll leave it at that," Evans added.

17. Let's Not Go Crazy

Let's Not Go Crazy
Okay, we're with Jenelle in her belief that Amber should be fired. But now Evans is claiming she never did anything wrong?

18. Yeah ... No

Yeah ... No
MTV ignored a decade of violence, abuse, and bigotry to keep Jenelle on board. They finally fired her when the situation became so bad that state authorities felt they had no choice but to take her kids away.

19. The REAL Victim (In Her Own Mind)

The REAL Victim (In Her Own Mind)
This isn't the first time that Jenelle has complained about Amber receiving preferential treatment. She also threw a tantrum on Twitter when the network filmed Amber's trial over the summer.

20. Arrested ... Again

Arrested ... Again
"Wow, could of [sic] filmed at my court case that was completely dismissed.. but not instead go film the drama of a person that attacks others with weapons," Evans ranted on Twitter.

21. This Freakin' Guy

This Freakin' Guy
"Don't film the positive tho [sic]," Evans tweeted. "But they are scared of David."

22. She Doesn't Get It

She Doesn't Get It
Again, is there a double-standard at work here? It seems that way. But Jenelle is terrible at arguing on her own behalf.

23. The Bad Guy

The Bad Guy
The Teen Mom 2 crew SHOULD be afraid of David. He bragged about stalking and harassing them, often while heavily armed.

24. Nail In the Coffin

Nail In the Coffin
MTV probably never would have rehired Jenelle in the first place, but they DEFINITELY won't now that she's back with David.

25. In a Nutshell

In a Nutshell
And that's the big difference between the two situations. MTV crews might not like Amber ... but they're not afraid for their lives in her presence. And that's why she still has a job.

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